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Pictures of Binge Haul 6!

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Hey, thought I'd finally make this because the other thread has a *lot* of posts and is getting sort of glitchy. Hope it's okay, let me know if I'm doing something wrong? Lol

Y'all know the deal, post pics of binge food or whatever

In the hospital at the moment but before I went I got this massive binge haul to look forward to from a Polish store... being in there was like being a kid in a toyshop istg. I got so many childhood favourites from being in Poland as well as things I've never tried before!! Haven't tried any of it yet but I'm so excited

Also some pics from inside the store <3 definitely going back lmao

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Brezels from Lidl. I had to make an emergency call to my s.o to get 6 of these ASAP bc I knew there would be an empty shelf in the afternoon so having a partner in crime is a bless.

With llllloads of butter ofc

Also got a surprise 🤤


And another surprize, blackcurrant/cream filling


These were heavenly too

I put this on mi biscuits yesterday


That was the sweet ones. I also had the same old wing&ramen&veggies and a loaf of bread and made sandwiches with chorizo, chicken, cucumber, tartar sauce, tomato and egg on them but I ate 10 of them SO FAST that photoshooting them with modern technique is impossible.
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.. deleted bc of ;)
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Some of my recent b/p I just finished off.

I found a real good offer from tuna so I had to take it it's been a while.

Veggies deserve their place in this thread too coz they're my staple that I usually don't bother picturing but it's one of my faves 😍


BREAD ate 10 bc I was lazy to put them all in the oven (I need the crust to be crispy so..), loads of butter on them ofc


Asian takeout. Fried fish&noodles.


Apfelstrudel from Lidl. Delicious! (Wish I had vanilla sauce with it but forgot)



Gonna take my potassium now lol
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Holy fuuuck I want all of that you seriously have me salivating over here I can't shut my mouth lmao
But for real the pretzels look so good is that cheese on top?
And the donuts and cake roll look absolutely delicious
And I'm so jealous of the peanut butter pretzel things we have the brand here but so far I could only find normal peanut butter cups and some with crispies inside but I'm a hoe for chocolate+ pretzel+ peanut butter damnnn
Also that banoffee spread sounds amazing and I don't even like banana lmao I need this in Germany 🥲
And the sandwiches sound amazing I love chorizo! I bet they looked amazing as well

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It is cheese. Is it true that in Germany they have these small brezel street food carts all over like in smaller towns too?? I was at an international market event last week and I bought these HUGE fresh german brezels and yea you know how it goes I need to have them in some form all the time now lmao

Thought I'd bake them myself some weekend.
here we go again &#129760;

had a strawberry creme cake, was so fucking good

2 mozarella corn dogs


some leftover chocolate mousse cake

a whole jar of pb&j with 8 slices of cinnamon swirl toast


a giant belgian waffle with chocolate sauce

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I'd die for this tbh 🤤 IT IS ART!
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Aaaaa I bped a lot whilst camping </3 and these pictures are just the main bits.
I didn't bp the first day but the last 3 days I did. I'm dissapointed cuz I could've used it as a chance not to but I wasted it :( I'm very dissapointed in myself!!!!
Don't worry , you are definitely NOT the only one who decides not to b/p somewhere out of home and ends up the exact opposite result and usually way WORSE then in "normal" circumstances. Been there like trillion times lmao It's good to try and you should be proud of that one day you didn't b/p! Don't beat yourself if you can't be b/p free the whole time bc it's not a willpower thing you know that. Otherwise we'd all be cured by now ;)

The food looks awesome &#129401;I think I'll have curry too if I find some good option it's been a while since I had it. I like to have food ideas from this thread bc I'm gonna b/p anyway. It's not like I'd trigger myself bc I've been in a b/p process 24/7 too long lol
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2xChicken brgr with two steaks & 1 triple el maco

Also ramen&wings but didn't take a pic BUT it was so good idk why it was better today bc I eat the same shit everyday lol
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Few of yesterday's mega binge. I had to take a nap in the afternoon to be able to destroy the rest of the massive menu lol I started way too early and I had to much food.

Beef baguette. This was very good quality for a grocery shop product.

2xgrilled chicken kebab rolls. I added cheese and some marinated cucumber in them.

Too good asian takeout.

I couldn't finish the whole pint bc I felt so braindead from all the other sweets. I didn't even have time to take pictures. But definitely 10/10 ice cream.

Bratwurst&jalapeno/garlic potato salad

My secret expensive lover.

Aaaand these are THE BEST Oreos I know.
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HOLYSHHH What is this monster?! CHEESUS 🤤
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Highlights from past days.

Salmon sandwich cake.


Sushi! This was from yesterday.


And lion bars.
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HUGE $165 binge haul.
I didn't eat too much this go around but I'm sure I will later.
This will hopefully last me until the end of the month.
Planning to start having 400 or less per day and purging anything else.
I want this picture in my wall it's so soothing to see that amount of food. Lasts up to 2-3 days to one bulimic lmao
First post in the new thread! Although I'm trying to stop b/p again because boy it turns out when you get into your barely-mid twenties your body does not tolerate this shit for very long.

Part 1:

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So lovely haul! That pancake looks so good and the shrimp and THAT BREAD 🤤
Pizza from local restaurant I haven't tried before and all I can say 10/10

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local pizzeria's pizza are def the best, always worth the price !
what are the toppings? only by looking i notice there is a lot of cheese and that's the best part about pizza! also, is it eggplants??? i love eggplants on pizza, def one of my fav toppings!
Double salami, ham, double kebab and blue cheese. Tabasco and garlic as spices.
Home made tuna wrap day. Tomorrow I will make chicken version.

Also veggies, I love these little mushrooms dunno what they're called in english but they're so good omg




And the wraps. There's tuna, shrimp paste (some asian canned stuff), salad, tomato, onion, capers, mushroom etc HEAVY and messy to eat. But too good.



There was loads of other stuff like my staple kg of chicken with ramen but I didn't have lot of sugary stuff today I just didn't feel like it. I only ate 500g grapes and dried fruit and few candies and a bag of cashews lmao
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OMG epic haul
LIDL had American week and they had so much cool stuff they had these huge peanut puffs and popcorn and fried chicken and cheese snacks even pumpkin peanut butter!! I got the cookie doughs blueberry cake ice cream peanut butter chocolate spread and I found new breakfast cereal cookies in Simpson's Design and new coconut Lion bars I didn't even know they exist and usually I know about ecery single food news
Also finally got my favorite black and white chocolate spread again!! Also fake Twix because money $ aaand bueno white of course! So happy with everything

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That coconut Lion has been available here for a while and omg they're sooooo good! Pumpkin peanut butter?! I usually don't care about pb much but that sounds something I wanna try!
We have Andalusian week next week and there's deep fried fish balls available and totally gonna empty the shelf lmao I hope there's no other extreme bulimics in my town I feel bad for bulk buying all the good b/p stuff.
Whooh so much good food all 'ya

Here's something I've had during the last week. I'm lazy taking and posting these and I also have boring hauls bc mostly it's just the same shit.

Vegetables. My absolute fave. I'm obsessed with nameko mushrooms lmao


That is fermented cucumber. Made like sauerkraut so it's not pickled. Had 17 of these sandwiches oops


Can't remember what day I had this pizza and what was in it but it was a bit too salty. Otherwise heaven.


Fries&cheese GRILLED. And some sort of mince patties. Soaked them in mayo or some sauce I don't remember.


I don't need to explain this. Restaurant takeaway so FRESH.

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Part two

Vegetarian McWrap with double soy "beef" or whatever. Better than the chicken version!


Chicken burger with double steak. Had 2 or 3x can't remember (God I've fucked up my brain)


This is the fermented pickle. It's cute UwU


Banana and canned pear in pear juice. I gave some to my hubby bc this is actually healthy food. I'm sad that I can't enjoy this like a normal person.

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They had Bavarian or Austrian stuff? I don't know actually lmao but I wanted to have everything I got some spinach Knödel I wanted Semmelknödel as well but I can't get that much at once FML the mohnstriezel (poppyseed cake thingy) and pretzel sticks looked so good as well but whatever
I actually found the last pumpkin peanut butter they had!!! And two more new Halloren Os chocolates i also found debrezciner (the sausages) and gebrannte Mandeln basically sugary roasted almonds it's a typical fair food in Germany and soo good!
Apart from that got my usual staples
(I hope I quoted the right pic lmao)

Did you got these from Lidl?? Looks like a product that is too good. I always try to stay away from too good stuff bc I get persistant cravings for them if I taste one but I still end up buying then eventually. Talking about self betrayal 🙄

"I can't binge on sugary stuff.." BULLSHIT I can't but I do it anyway and just deal with the bloodsugar shit lol

Edit. It was the right pic 😎
Ordered a fuck ton of my fave mochis 🤤 got them from sale -50% -70% coz they have expiration date soon. Well they're not gonna expire I can guarantee.


2x different mixes, kiwi and my absolute favourite Milk mochi.

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