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As the header says:

Just the number.

No defensive "but at least it was healthy *specifies said healthy stuff with too much calories*"-BS.

No "but I burned x calories by exercise, so my net intake is"-certificate of non-objection.

No "but I'm in recovery"-excuse.

Just the one thing that counts:

The number.

With good cause edited:

(and I've now changed the probably ambigious title of the thread to make it clear)

Honeys, that's not a "calories so far"-thread.

It's about the only thing that counts at the end of the day:

The number of calories you've actually eaten before you fall asleep.

So, please:

Is it really that difficult to understand?

No provisional results.


Any other number is misleading BS that triggers others to aim for their daily intake for the number of calories you've had just for breakfast.

Not that being triggered is a bad thing - I love it.

But I feel deceived, when a "0" just reflects you didn't have breakfast.
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