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My family is ordering food tonight for my brothers birthday and mother’s day, we were going to eat out but my mum has covid so we’re having it at home. I was originally going to get a salad but they’re not on the takeaway menu. I’ve eaten 358 calories so far today so i thought it would be fine as long as i don’t go over 1000 (now regretting my decision of what i chose) I ordered Lobster Angellotti which i’ve never had before, no idea what the serving size is like. The description is ‘Large ravioli stuffed with lobster and ricotta cheese served with a salmon sauce’ sounds pretty high in calories. I’m not sure how big large ravioli is so i have no idea what to estimate it as. Has anyone had this before? I’ll link a picture that comes up when i google it but again i don’t know how this particular restaurant makes it. How many calories would you say are in one piece of ravioli?

Food Tableware Recipe Pasta Staple food

Maybe something like this? I have no idea how much would be in one, i was thinking 150-200 but then that might be too high for a single piece, 100 seems too low though considering it’s pasta and cheese. Any ideas? Thanks :)
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