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  1. Exercise
    Hey guys. Have any of you done Zumba and what did you think of it? I am an instructor, but am curious about other people's opinions of it as a whole. Both good and bad opinions, I'm interested in it all.
  2. Exercise
    I'm going to take Zumba with my coworker on Mondays, I think it's a 1.5 - 2h class I don't know if it's a very effective weight loss since she and one of my other coworkers (who is literally wider than tall) do it sometimes twice a week. But then they do not diet so maybe in connection to a good...
  3. Exercise
    Do you guys have any recommendation? I need to do at least one hour of dancing workouts daily for a challenge :P
  4. Exercise
    Does this really burn 300 calories like it's claiming??
  5. Exercise
    Hey guys, so I recently started doing Zumba (Core) just for like 30 minutes every day and it's great for burning cals but I was wondering if any of you have done it and if so, does it help you get that flat tummy?
  6. Public Blogs
    Day #1 Reflection Today is the second day I've recommitted to weight loss. I look in the mirror or a picture of myself and feel like an exploded marshmallow- seriously. I think about my weight 24/7, and I just can not be like this anymore. So, I'm seeriously cutting back. I am going to : -Stop...
  7. Exercise
    Hey everyone Tomorrow I'm doing zumba for the first time (1 hour), but I was wondering what should I eat before it? It would be my dinner, because it's gonna be too late to eat after the zumba lesson. I'll have breakfast (around 100 cal) and around 200 calories through the day. I'm mostly super...
  8. Exercise
    has anyone lost weight by doing a lot of zumba? I want to do zumba but if its not worth it i dont see why i would do it.
  9. Exercise
    So I just found my Zumba DVD's does anyone here do Zumba?
  10. Exercise
    Hey guys! Wondering if anyone does zumba to burn calories? In my case I do 1-2h per day at a gym class at high intensity, and then 2h a week of zumba burst (to firm my butt, burst is zumba done basically in squats). If someone is interested, i have great songs and videos might u need them! If u...
  11. Exercise
    Does this sound accurate? I used my Scosche Rhythm plus HRM in Zumba today and it says I burned 540 calories with an average HR of 132 for a 65 minute class. I am a 19 year old female at a height of 5'1 and about 95 pounds. I have been a dancer my whole life and have no problem maintaining a...
  12. Exercise
    I've started taking Aqua Zumba classes since I can't do them normally and let me tell you, IT ROCKS! I've taken 2 classes so far and my physical therapist already sees a difference, not in my shape, but my attitude and strength, I'm more enthusiastic and positive. I've got 8 weeks left of this...
  13. Exercise
    I cannot always go out for a walk/run so I've been looking on youtube for some dance exercise videos to do at home. (Plus I haven't built up enough endurance to run every day just yet... It's been 8 year so it's rough right now. :/ ) I have a few videos but does anyone have any suggestions? I...
  14. Exercise
    Hello ! I just started the Cize workout invented by Shaun T for beachbody and i have to say.... I LOVE IT ! Usually, I really hate exercising and I cant wait for it to end but with cize I actually enjoyed it. I have tried the insanity as well as the max out 30 workouts from Shaun T as well...
1-14 of 34 Results