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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    I'm watching the show You on netflix and Joe (former Dan Humphrey lol) suspects Peach (played by Shay Mitchell) of an ed because of her habits such as her food diary and running. I found it a bit triggering, but also interesting since they chose to depict little ed habits that people tend to...
  2. Community Introductions
    hi! halo, salam kenal is how to say 'hello, nice to meet you' in my language xD im new here, umm.. not really actually ive made this account for like.. 3 months? but have never managed to write this introduction. you guys can call me with my nickname (which is the same nickname as every nickname...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    So last time i saw him he told me he wanted me to be at least 48kg since he noticed that i've lost weight (i really dont know how he noticed it, since i didnt step on the scale and it's almost nothing that i've lost really!!) so now he wants me to step on the scale every 2 weeks and i see him...
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    Me personally, I love to have a sugar free tea and watch thinspiration or like victoria secret model shows. how about you guys? maybe I, along with other users, can get some tips too :)
  5. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Ok, so I saw some people talking about Shane Dawson's weight gain then they started talking about how they hate onision. I would like to see what youtubers everone hates or likes. My favorite are Markiplier, Mile chronicles, and La'Tecia Thomas.
  6. Food
    Hi, I've been wanting to get some shirataki noodles but I'm not sure where to get them? I have a Japanese market near me, would they be there?
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Anorexia is a trap! Once you start restricting to very little amounts of calories, it completely drains you and life as you know it. So when/if you decide you have to start eating more, you don't even have the energy capable to make a sandwich, let alone make God forsaken instant mashed...
  8. Food
    Hey Guys and Gals ^_^ :D Just a warning, this is kinda gross, and I didn't know where to post this topic, so this seemed like the best place? SO I have recently discovered that pearl barley, boiled, kinda acts like know? It just goes straight through you, which is cool, cause...
  9. Bulimia Discussions
    Hey Guys, today I thought I would like to hear your opinions because this topic is something that bothers me and I need to talk about it. I am bulimic for quite a few years now and I told my parents about two years ago which sent me straight to the doctor who then sent me to a psychiatrist. I...
1-9 of 110 Results