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  1. Exercise
    which one should i prioritize more? or is it better if i balance both out? im currently doing a 18h daily fast low-mid res, 30 min - 1h daily yoga/pilates sometimes w weight, and occasional 10k steps morning walk
  2. Community Introductions
    Hey, 28 year old here and working in a grown up job, being in a healthy relationship and somehow a good bond with my family. BUT. I am sick of making myself believe I want to let loose and just go with the flow after somehow recovering from anorexia. It just does not make me happy and I go...
  3. Exercise
    I've been doing yoga regularly for 1,5 months now. I use the Down Dog app, and I first started with the easiest setting and now have gone up to intermediate 1. I do 3-5 practices per week. Already I notice more muscle tone and fat loss. (I eat in a deficit most days). I'm so much more toned...
  4. Exercise
    my body is so week i'm a Yoga girl, but more streching than the advanced poses, i do yoga everyday for 20 min. so i ask my self if it is better if i do everyday 15 min after or before i do yoga or 3 days 40 minutes workouts. I'm not sure i just want to have finally an abcrack, if you have...
  5. Community Introductions
    Posting a New Topic for the first time on MPA to be accountable for my daily weight-ins. Weigh-ins will be done first thing in the morning everyday this month starting today. January 11 2022 | 54kg January 31 2022 | xxkg Height: 5'4 kg | bmi cw: 54 | 20.3 hw: 55 | 20.7 lw: 44 | 16.6 gw: 48 |...
  6. Exercise
    yoga is my first and most enduring exercise love. it's been rocky and i have commitment issues but i'm coming back to it and falling hard again. I love the flows, cycling through vinyasa flow makes me feel like i'm flying. it's like this energy rush but in a calm beautiful way. i'm so out of...
  7. Exercise
    Hello, I have come up with some workouts inspired by John Benton and Rachael Attard programs. Both of these personal trainers focus on creating long, lean physiques. They avoid squats, lunges, and burpees as these can make your hips and quadriceps larger. Instead, they prioritize cardio and...
  8. Exercise
    ayyye so i need to stop being lazy and i wanna start yoga, but im not sure where to start? can y'all recommend any good youtube channels or smth like that, maybe some sites that have good exercises to try at home. any help would be appreciated!
  9. Exercise
    I have been looking into getting into yoga lately. What are some good yoga youtubers? I already know about yoga with adriene and love her videos.
  10. Exercise
    I have been looking into getting into yoga lately. What are some good yoga youtubers? I already know about yoga with adriene and love her videos.
  11. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    I periodically have trouble falling asleep, sometimes if I wake up in the middle of the night due to a noise or to drink a glass of water it takes me two hours to fall back to sleep. They suggested me yoga, anyone tried? If yes, which exercises do you use?
  12. Exercise
    Today was a recovery day but to avoid sore muscles and to burn the 14 calories that I went over for today's limit, I decided that doing some low intensity yoga would be good for me. It also helps keep me from worrying over the excess calories if I put some effort towards burning it. Yoga...
  13. Exercise
    I simply struggle to believe that yoga, which seems so passive and sedentary, has the capacity to expend energy at even a fraction of the rate of other exercise. Take this, for example: Would you actually be burning more than negligible energy following this kind of routine?
  14. Anorexia Discussions
    Has anyone else been exercising obsessively since quarantine/self isolation started? Normally I am lazy and all my exercise comes from walking or rock climbing, but I've worked out every day for a couple of weeks now and I actually feel really good. I've been doing Chloe Ting and Heather...
1-14 of 259 Results