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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    long story short last night my friends were over and we had so much fun, they got hungry so i offered to cook some pasta for them (mind you i didnt had pasta for ages and i was shaking lol) and they know how i make the best trenette al pesto and i was like fuck yeah im making it rn. 5 minutes in...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    I am a preschool teacher and since the beginning of the school year I have lost around 40 lbs. Today a parent approached me and told me that during the week prior, every time he talked to me he had no idea who I was.... I've been his sons teacher all year lol. He said he went to the office and...
  3. Public Blogs
    my dark poetry I am pain I am joy I am beauty I am glory I am fear I am peace I am bliss I am ugly I am always in your mind From me u can never hide I am eternal yet nothing at all I am the end I am the beginning No one can avoid me for ill always be I am love I am hate I am everything always...
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    so, to be honest, i really thought i was being pretty subtle with this whole thing. i don't eat breakfast (i never do) but i always claim to have eaten on the bus (my mom asks at school and she knows i don't eat breakfast at home) and like i eat a little at lunch bc people are weird and get...
  5. Fasting and Cleansing
    Title pretty much speaks for itself. But when breaking a fast, do you basically start with small stuff with low cals like yogurt and whatnot, then work your way up to more, orrr?
  6. Community Introductions
    Hai everyone, I'm Dani! I joined this site because I wanted more support. I have ana and bed so basically EDNOS. I've never been officially diagnosed though. I've had this lifestyle since I was 9 (I'm 13 now). I myself, just want to be skinny. I've never thought of myself as skinny, but I'm...
1-6 of 29 Results