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  1. Community Introductions
    And I NEVER introduced myself. Until now. I’m 23 years old. I was a fat as fuck 17 year old when I first joined. I had a low self esteem (still do although I’ve made tremendous progress on that) and was alone. I had zero friends and I was on the verge of killing myself because I hated myself and...
  2. Community Introductions
    Hi, I'm Sage. Some of you know me, some of you don't, so I'll just go over the basic background info for those seeing me around here for the first time. I joined on this account in 2016 under the name Official Donald Trump, then later changed it to President Trump, achieving a degree of...
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    Community Introductions
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    Community Introductions
  5. Community Introductions
    hi! i finally decided to make an account after many, many years of using this website. i'm a 17 year old girl and i've been suffering from anorexia ever since i was 11. i was hospitalized once when i was little, managed to (seemingly) fully recover until high school and i've been relapsing/fake...
  6. Community Introductions
    Hello. I like to go by Tia. I just turned 27 and have been struggling with this disorder since middle school. Not many people in my life even know this about me and I feel alone most of the time. I joined this forum in hopes to be able to find others who I can talk to so I dont feel so alone in...
  7. Community Introductions
    Hey! You can call me Fink. I'm new here and I'm really excited to have a community of people who understand what I'm going through. I used to have a tumblr account that I used to use but a lot of websites are deleting people away. A few things about me: - I'm 22/F and I've been struggling w...
  8. Community Introductions
    Hi! I'm Lucy and I'm new here. Idk why I didn't sign up years ago, but I did it now, so I guess that's what's important, right? I'm 20 and from Poland. I'm struggling with my not specified eating disorder for years, but especially since May 2017. I want to lose. I really do. I don't have...
  9. Community Introductions
    Hello everyone, I'm not technically a new member here, but I can still introduce myself. I got locked out of my old account I've had since 2014 (diorluvr) and sadly haven't been on here in like 2 years. I thought I'd make a new account because I remember how much this helped talk about problems...
  10. Community Introductions
    Hi everyone! Call me M. :) I've been visiting this site intermittenly for years as I have dealt with disordered eating and whatnot, but I only recently decided to become an active member of the community! Just about me in general: I'm in college in the United States, where I do live in a dorm...
  11. Community Introductions
    hello! i’m new to this platform but i’ve been part of the ed community for a few months now. i’ve been dealing with ana, bulimia, and c/s on and off since my early teens (i’m 18 now). looking for friends who get what i’m going through!!
  12. Community Introductions
    Hello everyone and happy 2019! I have been on this journey since I was 17 years old, which is almost 8 years ago. It is an on and off relationship, and my biggest fear is becoming a yo-yoer. Been a long time lurker of this group and decided it was time to finally join.
  13. Community Introductions
    Oksooo hi! I've looked around this site for a while and finally decided to make an account. I'm here to use this site for helping me with losing weight. I wouldn't say I have an ed although I've struggled with the thoughts of needing to purge or to heavily restrict calories. I have some goal...
  14. Community Introductions
    ..just finally made an account. Old as dirt. 29. Just had a baby. (Crazy) 97lbs currently and short. Have been struggling with ed since like 15 yo or younger. Anyways, hiiii!
  15. Community Introductions
    Hi everybody - I am joining you from England :) I often feel alone when thinking about my body but know people will understand here. I am also a Vegan and excited to meet others :)
  16. Community Introductions
    Hi, I'm Nessa, the Teddy loving weirdo that occasionally likes to read a book all at once and have a thing for mac n cheese AND I don't have a style but am a tomboy who can't dress well but wishes she could. I'm trying to go a different way about losing. By not being so strict on details but...
  17. Community Introductions
    hi, I'm new here, but I've been lurking reading posts for a while. I've known I have had an ED since I was 14, when I used to run 30+ miles a week and not eat enough afterwards. I thought I had been getting better but lately I have been relapsing, I'm now in a weight loss/feeling bad spiral and...
  18. Community Introductions
    hiii, my name is ashleigh, i am a 23 yo and a mother and wife. i enjoy anime, marina and the diamonds, and sleep. i have been a vegetarian for twelve years. i spend my time writing on wattpad, rereading harry potter, and binge-watching intervention. i struggle with borderline personality...
  19. Community Introductions
    hey y'all~ (this will be long take a deep breath) i'm new here (obv), though i've sort of dabbled around here before, searching through forums and reading posts and everything, i've just been wayyy too shy to introduce myself or participate or anything. but hey, i'm here now! my name is...
  20. Community Introductions
    Hi team, I am not new here, but I can't access my old account anymore. A bit about me. I bounced between ana + mia for the better part of 10 years. At my worst I probably at a total of 1200 calories total in a one month period. I've been fairly normal (no chronic low points) for the last few...
1-20 of 186 Results