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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    i'm thinking of deleting my account once i hit my target weight. i'm way too invested in this website and i feel like this website encourages me to unhealthy eating habits. how does everyone else feel about this website?
  2. Food
    I've always been terrible at math and calculating portion sizes, so I often stick to foods where I am given a specific amount, and am thus able to count the calories much easier. Because of this, I am a fan of Lean Cuisine (and because LC allows me to eat cheese pizza without feeling too guilty...
  3. The Happy Place
    I go onto the NORAD Santa Tracker website every Christmas Eve, no matter how old I get, and this year is no different. Santa was last seen in Iceland, according to the website. ;) Sure, it's silly, but with the horribleness of this year, and the fact that I am alone this Christmas Eve, I'm...
  4. The Happy Place
    I have a regular blog on this website, and have decided to start another one on here about books I'm reading or have read. I don't expect anything to come of it, but thought it might be fun to do, anyway. :) I'm naming it "Kaybug's Book Corner".
  5. EDNOS Discussions
    My father usually comes to my apartment once a week, so we can have dinner together. Tomorrow is going to be that day, (unless something comes up, which it sometimes does), and he's wanting to eat Freddy's. I've never been there before. I've been spending the last few hours going over the menu...
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    The Harbingers of Thin Trio by Dreamdoll and Abraxas We have a Harbingers of Thin Chatzy room We have an Official Website called: Harbingers of Thin We also have an Official 16+ Discord Server also called: Harbingers of Thin. Honestly it's the adults' table compared to Chatzy heh. Also, it's...
1-6 of 107 Results