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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    it freaks me the fuck out to think about it. reachibg my step goal is the only way i can allow myself to eat and i dont know what to do if i cant. i know i wont be able to do 30k steps everyday forever so i just want to know how you guys manage not being able to reach your step goals
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    What’s more important/makes you loose weight faster? Burning more calories or walking a shit tonne?
  3. Exercise
    i'm seeing some people on here and other ed spaces say they get 20k+ steps per day, and that's insane to me. how do you do it?
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    i don’t know what to do. during school i always just walk around during lunch instead of sitting with my friends because i’ve decided that burning cals is better than spending time w ppl i love. i really wish i wasn’t this way but i just can’t find it in me to do anything besides walk around. do...
  5. Starting at a higher BMI
    Anyone else prone to overheating and sweating when they go walking/hiking? If so, what waterproof, lightweight coat do you use? Rainy season is underway, and I'm trying to find something that will keep me dry and won't trap my body heat. Sometimes coats have 'vent' zippers on the side, but they...
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    So I don’t have a Fitbit but my phone tracks my steps roughly, and MFP calculates cals burned by step at 1000 steps= 1 cal burned. So I walked roughly 7200 steps today and it gave me back 72 cals. but if I put in “exercise” - “walking” -“leisurely pace” - “420 minutes” because I had been...
  7. EDNOS Discussions
    Everyday during my lunch hour, I go to my a mall near me to walk 2 miles. There is this extremely, rail thin short girl that walks as well. I want to so badly know if she suffers from ED as well. She walks with the determination to burn whatever calories she consumed that day so far. As fucked...
  8. Exercise
    I was wondering, would anyone like to start a Fitbit group. Or is there and active group? Walking alone can suck, it can be nice to have friends who understand the struggle without judgement. We can do some group walks or bingo ECT! PM if your interested ❤️
  9. Anorexia Discussions
    For people who get 30k-50k+ steps daily how do you do it?? I usually get 10-25k or in the 30s on a good day. I always try to wake up early/stay up late to walk more but I always end up unmotivated after my feet start hurting so quickly 💔 I have horrible social anxiety so I pace in my room/house...
  10. Exercise
    How fast should i walk and how many hours does it take to walk 10000 steps to burn more calories? :)
  11. Exercise
    I walk outside anywhere from 1 hour, to 2 hours almost every day. Yesterday I walked 2 hours, and the walked at the store for 3. Is walking 90 minutes a good amount? Or should I walk more? I eat anywhere from 350-900 calories (Usually on the higher end, but I have tried to get lower) Thanks...
  12. Exercise
    I like to walk as my main exercise because I am honestly too lazy and too tired to do anything else and if I go with a friend it's easy and cool, you can chat and walk. But most of my days I am alone and I have no motivation to walk by myself because it's just SO BORING. I've seen everything...
  13. Exercise
    Does anyone have experience/tips exercising with a feeding tube? Even if it's just long walks/hikes? I'm getting a nasal tube next week to commence continuous feeds for my GI problems and don't know what to expect in that regard.
  14. Exercise
    So im curently dealing with an arm injury and up to this point most of my workouts have been lifting to maintain muscle or bodyweight stuff that wouldnt be too hard while fasting. Now I cant put any presure on my arm, but cardio like running gets to be too much on fasting days. What do yall...
  15. Anorexia Discussions
    hi babes. i know we've talked ad nauseum here about being skinnyfat, but I'm interested in hearing whether you guys think walking daily (~10,000+ steps) in addition to high restriction is good for getting rid of the skinnyfat look. I see a lot of people recommend lifting weights and resistance...
1-15 of 382 Results