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  1. Starting at a higher BMI
    I decided to do a water fast to kind of clear my system before starting low restriction, probably gonna jump start with the military diet. I've only done liquid fasting before, including things like juice and broth so I'm wondering if you guys can recommend any vitamins or other supplements that...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    i usually do low/med restriction (so anywhere from 0 - 700cal a day) while exercising twice daily im easily persuaded and will buy a product after seeing 1 ad 🤦‍♀️ ive been taking a multivitamin, calcium, and d3 (i was also taking a fish oil supp and l carnitine at one point) for the past...
  3. Fasting and Cleansing
    I have never tried taking vitamins while fasting, but I’ve also never successfully fasted for longer than three days. Do vitamins really help you feel better on a fast? What vitamins do you take?
  4. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    im always super low on potassium. i’ve tried to eat more potassium rich foods, but on a good day, i’m still not hitting more than 800mg. on a bad day, i average 324mg. there’s a lot of conflicting information on how much potassium we need in a day, but my research has shown somewhere from 2,000...
  5. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    i could use some advice please! i’m eating a little under 1200 kcal a day. i haven’t had blood work done recently, but usually test low on zinc (probably from being vegetarian lol). Should i be on a multivitamin to just cover all bases or more specified supplements like zinc, b12 etc? i’ve been...
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    Hey all. I have been low-medium restricting for over a month now, and while I actually feel surprisingly stable and well, as my diet gets more restricted I'm starting to worry about vitamin deficiencies. I was gonna start taking those general daily vitamins that have a bunch of stuff in them...
  7. Fasting and Cleansing
    I recently started low restricting, and today I started incorporating one day of fasting every other day (I still consume energy drinks and coffee), so I was wondering since I started getting this tingly numbish feeling in my hands and legs that one often gets during low restiction or fasting...
  8. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Hello, I havent been taking any vitamins/suppliments and i want to start but idk which ones i should be taking. Please share your daily favs. <3
  9. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    hiya! basically a witch cursed me and i can't swallow pills, even cut in half, so i got put on soluble forceval for a while (twice a day after breakfast and dinner) - and it didn't start out making me nauseous at all. i took it for about a month (most of this being in hospital where i was...
  10. Anorexia Discussions
    Again, sorry for posting so much on here but I really need advice. I'm not scared of death, that's absolutely fine but I'm really scared about the possibility of brain damage. I don't want it to change who I am or whatever. I don't want it to make it harder than it already is to articulate my...
  11. Anorexia Discussions
    what are your favorite vitamins? i'm looking for energy boosting, anxiety reduction, and just overall supplements for low restriction (0-800cal) anorexics
  12. Orthorexia
    what is the overall census for apple-cider vinegar [a-cv] being effective? i was reading upon why a-cv may be good but discovered that it supposedly kills good bacteria--which has me hesitant as there is no such thing as good bacteria especially if it is dictated by an inanimate compound such...
  13. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    So I finally bought some vitamins and such earlier this afternoon because my ED has been getting really bad these last few months (ever since I moved back to university and living away from my family.) I bought a multivitamin, vitamin d, vitamin b complex and biotin. I already had iron pills and...
  14. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    (Disc: I found a similar thread to this on the forum, but it's years old now and largely irrelevant, sorry for the redundancy) Hey folks! I have a question that's been bugging me for ages... I take most my vitamins as pills, the calories in those equate to next to nothing, so I'm not worried...
  15. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    I know I’m not eating enough nutritious foods so I wanna start taking a vitamin to stay healthier. Any suggestions? Especially ones that help lose weight?
  16. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    I know I’m not eating enough nutritious foods so I wanna start taking a vitamin to stay healthier. Any suggestions? Especially ones that help lose weight?
  17. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    Like if i take vitamins will my blood work show up fine?
1-17 of 500 Results