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  1. Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets
    hi everyone! i've been wanting to go vegetarian for awhile now, and was wondering if anyone else has considered it. if so, i was wondering if we could start a group chat or something for those of us who have been waiting for a sign to go vegetarian. let me know if anyone is interested; if so...
  2. Bulimia Discussions
    Disclaimer - I don't encourage purging, especially not nutritious things like fresh fruits and vegetables! But hey it happens sometimes as it's a mental disorder soooo.... 1 - Do you purge fruit or veg? Do you try not to, and do you feel less guilty eating it than other foods? 2 - What's the...
  3. Orthorexia
    hi :) I've been going back and forth for a few months now and have now decided I'm going to try out a raw food diet for a couple of months, and I want to hear your experiences or thoughts about it! I expect some criticism and I am open to hear any opinions really have been vegan for a while...
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    Does anyone else get hunger pains after eating fruits and vegetables? It's not with everything - like if I have steamed veggies, or a salad with dressing/add-ins, I don't get it. But if I sit down and munch on a bag of carrots, or I eat some strawberries, or really anything else raw with a high...
  5. Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets
    Heeeey. I wanna try to loose a bunch of gained weight, thanks to rly unhealthy food choices :D Soooo it would be cool to finally go whole foods :)))) <3 Also it would be awesome to make a cool telegram vegan community for some cool inspiration and motivation <3 Why telegram ? Cuzz it's the...
  6. Food
    It’s summer and so the chances of me coming across beautiful fruit and veg has just shot straight up. However if you’re shit scared of food (aren’t we all?) then it’s not such a fun time. What are your safe, or 0 cal fruits and vegetables? What should I stack up on my plate?
  7. Diet Results
    How much did you loose by only eating soup? (It has to be soup made from scratch)☺️ I really want to do the soup diet, because I'm done with school tomorrow and can then be at home.
  8. Member Diets
    I am going to try this but I moved it to accountability!
  9. Orthorexia
    I am switching back to RT4 after 47 days of being fully raw. I will be your test subject for recipes you might be afraid to try. Come up with a recipe, nothing too complex with ingredients that are too expensive, and share it below. I'll look through the recipes and choose one to make per week...
  10. Recipes, The Growing EDS Cook Book
    Raw vegan dressing: put in a blender and purée until smooth... • 1/2 tsp lemon juice • 3 soft apricots • 1 Small zucchini peeled • Shake cinnamon • 1 tbsp hemp seeds Raw BBQ sauce: put in a blender and purée • 3-4 Medjool Dates (soaked in water overnight) • 1 1/4 cup sundried tomatoes (soaked...
  11. Anorexia Discussions
    Hey, guys and gals. I'm starting a fruit/veg restricting thing. I think it'll help get rid of the pesky 15-20 pounds I still have to lose. But we'll see. I just had some green tea, cucumber and strawberries. Gonna have some thin potato soup with onion and maybe some mushrooms tossed in...
  12. Anorexia Discussions
    For 3 months I used to eat only fruits and veggies. I didn't count calories and didn't really binge (when I did it was only fruits and it was usually around 400 cal so not a big binge) I lost 15 lbs by doing this. However I now don't do that anymore and try to restrict with normal foods.. but I...
  13. Anorexia Discussions
    I have had an ED for 13 years now and I have been on and off MPA for almost that same amount of time... but I have kind of a silly question. I have read a million posts about different foods that other people with anorexia eat and obviously one of the main ones is vegetables. I want to know if...
  14. Anorexia Discussions
    I'm wondering whether I should weigh them before or after cooking? How do you guys do it? Usually I weigh my veggies frozen bc it's too much effort to cook them all seperate and weigh them one after another.
1-14 of 132 Results