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  1. Orthorexia
    Need something to eat with these vegan (good catch brand) fish sticks to make it look like a decent meal. Any ideas? Like some type of side. *I'm vegetarian, but i don't eat egg Thanks!
  2. Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets
    Hey, does anyone have great vegan / vegetarian recipes to share? Feel free to post them below!!
  3. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    i could use some advice please! i’m eating a little under 1200 kcal a day. i haven’t had blood work done recently, but usually test low on zinc (probably from being vegetarian lol). Should i be on a multivitamin to just cover all bases or more specified supplements like zinc, b12 etc? i’ve been...
  4. Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets
    so my blood tests came back low in zinc, i figured that’s since the main source recommended for zinc is red meats, fish etc. i haven’t ventured into eating a lot of beans because i just have no idea what to do with them. any easy recipes for using beans, legumes, and other sources of zinc??(i...
  5. Community Introductions
    hi i'm ivan! 20 undetected anorexia since i was 14 but new to proana. i've always been thin borderline underweight but am terrified of gaining lol. also vegetarian B)
  6. Recipes, The Growing EDS Cook Book
    Do anyone know any 70 Cal Meals, or 70 Cal per serving meals? Vegan preferable, Vegetarian okay
  7. Recipes, The Growing EDS Cook Book
    I have been craving Southern food for a while now. I think it's because I didn't have any for the Fourth of July or really any time this summer. I ONLY use Walden Farms mayo (which happens to be vegan). I decided to try to recreate my fav sides that are usually packed full of calories and fat...
  8. Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets
    honestly, the "low cal" bit is optional at this point. i've been vegetarian for almost 10 years and whenever i track, i notice i'm in the range of 30-40 g per day (on a good day). my main source is eggs and milk (in my coffee), which doesn't equate to much. i want to make sure i'm getting enough...
  9. Anorexia Discussions
    A lot of us drink lots of coffee bc it's energizing and low/no cal so... What is your favorite coffee drink and/or favorite way to make coffee? Recently, I've been drinking homemade cold brew mixed with zero-cal lemonade and ice. I know it sounds weird, but it is the best coffee I've ever had...
  10. Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets
    I've been wanting and trying to go fully vegan since I was a sophomore in high school about 10 years ago. My main reason was for animal rights. It was the first time I had seen how animals in the farming industry and slaughterhouse were treated and obviously I was horrified. I started off...
1-10 of 500 Results