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  1. Starting at a higher BMI
    I think if I was skinny people would love me more? Does anyone else feel the same way? I know I was pretty when I was skinny. Now I look in the mirror and I cry.
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    I know Ed’s don’t have a look and that they are a mental disorder with physical side effects However, with all the stereotypes and shit, Do I look like I have an Ed or am sick? I know it’s rlly hard to tell with the pics I chose. I think I look normal, even bigger than normal and not even thin...
  3. Media and Art
    A month ago my boyfriend said that if he wasnt with me or if i wasnt around, he would "do dirty things to Doja Cat, she is so fine" and it's stuck with me since. I know he loves me but hes so stupid with some things he says, like why the hell would you say that to me?? He knows im self conscious...
  4. Public Blogs
    Life with EDNOS/BDD That feeling when you hate yourself so much that just the idea of going to hang out with friends makes you have a breakdown. When you cancel going to your sister's birthday because you'd literally rather drink bleach than put on anything that shows skin. When you've been...
  5. EDNOS Discussions
    Pretty typical to complain about my body on MPA ik, but it's more-so the shape I wanna change. I wish my bones were smaller? Lol. I just look like a linebacker and I'm hating my life. It's also the fact that I used to want to be more masculine but now idk anymore tbh. It could be dysmorphia...
  6. Starting at a higher BMI
    10.28.2020 (11:21 P.M.) Hello everyone! My name is Jess! I'm almost 21 years old but I've been on this website on and off since I was 12 or 13 years old. When I first found this website I was around 160lbs and I wanted to get down to 100lbs as fast as I could possibly do so... I was searching...
  7. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Everybody has been telling me recently that I have a bony face and I look like I would die. What should I do to improve my appearance a bit? Beyond "gain weight"
  8. Starting at a higher BMI
    So I was making an album of body checks and I'm looking through all of my full body pics and I'm having a panic attack realizing just how ugly I am. I feel ashamed to go outside like I don't want anyone to see me at all. I'm 173 so I'm actually overweight and I'm conscious of this but seeing it...
1-8 of 500 Results