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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    i was recently diagnosed with t1d and i used to do week long fasts etc. if i was to fast should i omit my basal insulin? and if i'm doing very low res (i.e less than 100cal a day) should i just take a few units of my basal and omit my bolus because atm i'm afraid of hypos at night especially, if...
  2. Community Introductions
    Hi, everybody! I'm a 29 year-old female who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year. I have always been overweight-obese, except for the year-ish period leading up to my diagnosis when I had slowly melted down to a ~normal~ weight. Since my diagnosis, I have gotten my blood sugar under...
  3. Community Introductions
    Hey, I'm a type 1 diabetic, looking for other with eating disorders, that is my main prerogative but also hoping to find some connections.
  4. Illness or Injury
    ...I need a very strong diet suggestion. I am both Hypothroid,and type one diabetic. 5'6 about 165 and only getting fatter- Im hideous, it seems my boyfriend cant even stop cheating on such thiner girls... Anyway,that means my metabolism is utter shit. My endo has given up on me(my labs are...
  5. Illness or Injury
    Hi :3 I was just curious if there were any pro ana type 1 diabetics out there. I am a type 1 diabetic myself and I have some questions: 1. How do you avoid getting low? 2. If you get low, what food do you eat to get your bloodsugar up? 3.What types og exercise is good for not getting too low...
  6. Community Introductions
    So, I'm Christa and this is my first time signing up for a Proana website, and I did because I thought I might as well if I want to be skinny enough for the summer time. I guess I'll start from the beginning and try to make it at least interesting enough to, well, keep your interest. First...
1-7 of 14 Results