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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    I don’t know why but possibly the most skinny-validating thing to me is when guys acknowledge my weight or reference me as what is “small”. It makes me so fucking giddy. I’m currently casually seeing some men, two of which have a thing for skinny chicks and only really fuck with skinny chicks...
  2. Member Diets
    I never am successful at my plans and always feel like such a loser but I just really need to see results this time around... I'm literally just gonna do slimfast/meal replacement shakes for 2-3 meals and 1-2 low cal snacks to have real food and curb cravings and if I stick to it I should be...
  3. Member Diets
    So I didn't lose any weight before vacation like I had hoped BUT I did lose a little (like 3 pounds lmao) during it and as soon as I got home I've been BINGEING I hate myself. Can I just live off of teas???? Well, I'm sure gonna try!!! LOL I just want to eat nothing but I'm a fat pig who can't...
  4. Bulimia Discussions
    I've been doing some prescription drugs and feel like crazy because I stopped taking my meds. But crazy isn't a nice word, you know? But I feel like I don't care about anything anymore. Earlier I ate a lot of weird stuff because I need to go grocery shopping but I was able to purge so easily and...
1-5 of 500 Results