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  1. Technical Support
    Hi, I've updated my ticker on the website and copied and pasted the url into my signature, but for some reason it won't update on MPA? Does anyone know how to fix this? <3
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    alright, so ive been using the ticker for a while (the one that everyone has in their sig to track their weight loss) and ive never had this problem before. i put in my new weight, and usually the ticker updates itself without me doing anything, but this time it hasnt. ive tried changing it with...
  3. Starting at a higher BMI
    Hey! I just recently created a new weight loss ticker because I saw someone else have one in their signature. To those that do have one: Do you update it daily? If not, how often? I actually kinda love mine because I'm sort of childish at heart sometimes. The "ruler" itself is a worm, while...
  4. Technical Support
    How do I place a ticker on my signature? I use myfitnesspal and wondered if I can add it on my signature and also will it automatically update itself as I update it on MFP?
  5. Technical Support
    I made one of those weight loss tickers on LilySlim. Now how do I get it in my signature? Also, how do I put pictures in my signature, everything I tried didn't work. No picture would appear. Sorry for the bother guys.
  6. Technical Support
    Can anyone tell me how to get a weight loss ticker??
1-6 of 11 Results