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  1. Exercise
    Hi everyone. I have always been wanting to do the full splits. I have the world's tightest hamstrings so I would be starting at very basic level. I also walk alot and run which I hear shortens your hamstrings as well as being naughty and not stretching. Any hints? Any routines or diagrams I...
  2. Illness or Injury
    As the title says and i am pretty devastated i will have to rest the coming weeks to let it heal bearing in mind i started back only two days ago after months of resting also because of an injury to the other inner thigh i am just feeling bad
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    Do you know how much your stomach can hold? Do you do anything to keep from stretching it out? I have been on a fast and notice my stomach has shrunk and I am working on training myself to stop eating once I feel full despite the health or cal count of the food. I do not know if i should be...
  4. Exercise
    Anyone know of some good stretches for flexibility? I work out a lot but never stretch-I know that's very bad- but I would like to become a little more flexible. So does anyone have like 5-10 stretches I can do everyday that would help?
  5. Exercise
    As we all know, posture is important, but it can also make you look thinner and prettier! I got a back stretcher called Back Magic and I look noticeably thinner and have a way better waistline when seen from the side. It's really incredible and noticeable. I highly recommend trying it, plus it...
  6. Exercise
    Hey babes! I hate my thighs so much and i need good exercises! Please tell me your fav exercises to get a thigh gap. An NO Squats! -Have a great day!- xx
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Favorite Excersize TypeFav Excercise Cardio342.86%Strength114.29%Stretching114.29%Dance/Pilates/Zumba114.29%Yoga114.29%Absolutely hate excercise00.00%
  8. Exercise
    Try doing a butterfly stretch twice a day for a nice thigh gap; once when you wake up and once before bed. It's also really relaxing when you do it too some soothing music.
  9. Exercise
    So, I hear a lot of people that do a lot of stretching before/after exercising, or even when they don't exercise. Does stretching help with weight loss? If so, is it good to do before or after exercise? or both? thank you! :-)
  10. Exercise
    I have bulky looking muscles in my thighs that i really want to slim down without losing weight because im in recovery. Does anyone have any good inner and outer thigh stretches to lengthen them? thanks x
  11. Exercise
    hey guys I just wanted to warn people who are starting to do ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups to start slowly. It honestly is really important. I started off feeling like it was so so easy and doing tons. I know have permenant damage in my lower left ab area. It hurts to move often and the...
1-11 of 26 Results