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  1. Exercise
    Hello! What are your favorite forms of exercise? What types of exercise helped you lose the most weight? Cardio? Strength training? Etc...tell me all your weight loss secrets haha Thanks!
  2. Exercise
    so ive heard a lot about the benefits of strength training but there's so much information as far as what exercises to do and what's effective or not so im feeling very overwhelmed as to where to start also am i wasting my time strength training at a caloric deficit? im not necessarily trying...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    I've been playing tennis for 11 years and I used to be very toned and strong but now because of my ED I'm really weak and even though my endurance is good and I can run forever, my muscular strength is very poor and everytime I eat enough to help me build muscle I cry because at the same time I...
  4. Exercise
    Hi! Would you guys suggest a pure cardio workout for someone with higher BMI, or combine cardio and strength still? I really want to be lean and skinny, and I really don't want to be bulky. I feel like I should do cardio mostly until I get to a certain weight, and THEN do strength. Thoughts...
  5. Anorexia Discussions
    is there anyone who goes to the gym doing high intensity cardio and weights? how many calories do you eat to be able to function? i go 4 times a week and those days my TDEE is like 2000, which makes it hard to restrict low, since i get tired easily. how many should i eat?
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    When it's been an awful week and you're feeling SO defeated and insecure- what makes you feel strong?
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Hi everyone Before I got IP last year, I really struggled with lifting things, even if they were not that heavy (like grocery bags, bags of cat litter, ...). I also had troubles with getting up again after crouching. This got a lil better after gaining (due to IP), but now I've lost some weight...
  8. Exercise
    Anyone have a great set of dumbbell workouts? I'd looooove to see muscle for once in my life. Seems like everything online caters to barbell/crossfit crowds :( I've got a set of 5,7,10,15, and 20lb dumbbells and do so much better when on a written "plan" than trying to come up with it myself...
  9. Books and Poems
    I'm a prisoner -A prisoner of my mind. I can't be free. I can't be me. Locked in by anxiety, interrogated by insecurity, and depression is barricading the door. With no room to breathe, I can feel my lungs collapse as I try to push them out. The voice in my head is bellowing at me; it gets...
1-10 of 132 Results