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  1. Member Diets
    Nvm. I'm gonna go fast. They say do what worked for you, so why change it?
  2. Skinny Girl Diet
    I'm going to start the original sgd tomorroww I've already had about 800 cal today so I'm going to start tomorrow on June 1st and do my best! I've attached the calorie plan and will be starting on the 2nd one as it will be tuesday Fruit and veggies don't count and I'm exciteddddd Update you...
  3. Skinny Girl Diet
    Here to keep myself accountable and finally reach my UGW Still live at home with very watchful parents and sister so sometimes it is hard to restrict. I had reached my lowest weight of 140 but went on a really long binge so now im back to 155. Im hoping that posting here everyday will keep me...
  4. Fasting and Cleansing
    ***UPDATE: This fast is complete. NOW: Maintaining after the fast and how I break my fast starts on PAGE 6 (desktop version)*** A bit about me: I live with my hyper aware family who already keeps looking over my shoulder every second. They let me fast for 'health benefits' (there are a lot of...
  5. Art
    I drew this last year. I look kind of like this girl I drew , just with a fatter body, and shorter hair :)
  6. Member Diets
    I am starting the HSKGD today which is Saturday. I will be starting on day 6 then at the end of day 21 i will do day 1 and day 2. I am starting on day y because i do not want to wait a whole 2 day to be skinny. SW:140 CW: 133 GW1: 129 GW2: 127
  7. Skinny Girl Diet
    I recently gained weight and i am currently the fattest i have ever been for my 5'4 small frame. I went to a party over the weekend and a fat bitch actually had the nerve to say 'oh hi!!!!! I didn't recognise you! you've put on a lot of weight'. I wanted to die, but what's the point in dying...
  8. Food
    Today I tried their raspberry vinaigrette for the first time, and I absolutely LOVED it! Seeing "sugar free/fat free" on the bottle really catches your eye if you're watching calories..... Has anyone on the forum tried their other products? I wanted to buy some of their popcorn yesterday, but...
  9. Skinny Girl Diet
    Yesterday I started the skinny girl diet. I consumed just under 400 Calories. Today, I can only consume 300, so far so good. My Start weight is 208 My Goal weight is 150 I'm doing this post not only to get support from y'all but I am interested in hearing your stories and if you've done it...
  10. Skinny Girl Diet
    I'm on day two of the skinny girl diet, and I've been trying my best to stay under or slightly over the calorie limit, but I don't know what to eat. Every night I have a hot chocolate, and I realized that it's about 160 cal. Other than that, I've had pineapple and a small amount of yogurt with...
1-11 of 35 Results