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  1. Skinny Girl Diet
    A few friends of mine in my discord server are doing the Skinny Girl Diet together! Feel free to join for accountability and other fun challenges! (verification server) I've done this diet before and lost 10lbs but I also got stuck gaining and losing the same 4lbs...
  2. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hey Beautifuls! We're back at this again. My weight has climbed back up to the limit of where I'm comfortable with and the past week has been hell with the b/p sessions. I had lots of success with the HSGD; it helps my relationship with food, more sustainable/ helps with harm reduction and yeah...
  3. Public Blogs
    Skinny Girl Diet Day 8 I'm doing the SGD, and I'm currently on Day 8. My Tumblr was deleted, so I'm here :D My CW is 91,7kg Allowed Cals for the Day: 450kcal So far I've had: One Immune Booster: 74kcal One Poptart: 184kcal
  4. Skinny Girl Diet
    Heyy, for those of you who don't know already I'm Nys & I have a diet masterlist thread on here & I'm having really good success with the SGD so I figured why not post it here too? :) I started Nov 15th 2021 and am finishing technically the 15th of Dec! stats: SW: 138.4 GW: 130 YAY I PASSED...
  5. Skinny Girl Diet
    ➮.; °❀‿‿‿‿(( Welcome! This is just my accountability for the Skinny Girl Diet.))‿‿‿‿❀° ➮.; °❀‿‿‿‿(( I've been so off track lately and need to do this to get back on track ))‿‿‿‿❀° Come join me! ⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ Starting stats: H: 163.7cm SW - October 25, 2021: 46.7kg GW - October 30...
  6. Skinny Girl Diet
    cw - 151lbs :angry: gw - 104lbs ugw - 95lbs Day 1 - Breakfast - Green tea, diet coke, water with a slice of lime - 3kcal. Lunch - One half roll of sushi - 138kcal Dinner - Fish pasta - 410 kcal Snacks - 0 kcal Total - 551 kcal / 900 ✓
  7. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hey Everyone! Haven't been on here in forever and I'd love for this to be my official rejoining of the community. My ED is back in full swing (did it ever leave?-hehe) and I've been struggling badly with b/p sessions late at night. I've kicked myself out of ketosis due to low energy during the...
  8. Skinny Girl Diet
    hello everyone, i am officially starting the skinny girl diet as of today!! even though it is wednesday i'm starting on day one because i don't really care haha. my stats are below and i will post a daily calorie log, weigh in, and updates! also I'm really sorry if i'm using the threads wrong...
  9. Skinny Girl Diet
    I'm not new to myproana, but I have never posted before. I'm more of a lurker. So today I decided I will start an accountability thread for the HSGD (healthy skinny girl diet). Feel free to follow along with my journey! For now, I will only be following the 30 day version of this instead of the...
  10. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hi, guys! So most of you probably know the HSGD, and if you don't, here's link to the image that explains it: There are some different variations, one with lower restrictions and one that's longer (90...
  11. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hi I am carrying on the HSGD after completing 19 days here:�-hsgd-accountability��/?p=73566063 I lost 9lbs. CW: 140.6lbs GW1: 130lbs GW2: 120lbs UGW: 110lbs I've included the diet I'm following in my signature! :)
  12. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hi 🎔 Starting 02/12/20, I'll be trying to lose as much as I can before Christmas. Stats: 173cm 149.6lbs I was going to do a different diet but I think I might lose more doing HSGD. :wub: Wish me luck. :wub: 🌸
  13. Skinny Girl Diet
    Sooo... here I am again! I decided to try the USGD, since the days in which I counted fruit and veggies didn't go so bad, except for the weekend, but I was with my boyfriend. Feel free to join me! <3 This is the diet: My rules: -fruit and veggies do count -1.5-2l of water every day -I...
  14. Skinny Girl Diet
    I'm starting the skinny girl diet tomorrow (9/7/20) since you have to start it on a Monday, and this is going to be my thread to report my calories and progress. If anybody wants to join me and post their own calories and progress feel free! I would love a buddy! I am doing the Skinny Girl Diet...
  15. ABC Diet
    ABC DIET ACCOUNTABILITY starting on September 6 stats height: 5'3.5" /161 cm sw: 130 lbs/57 kg cw: 130 lbs/57 kg ugw: 98 lbs/44 kg goals 125 lbs 120 lbs 115 lbs 110 lbs 105 lbs 100 lbs 98 lbs measurements bust: 36" hips: 38.5" waist: 26.5" rules - drinking ONLY on friday...
1-16 of 500 Results