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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    I’ve struggled with acne ever since I tried a birth control pill back in 2019. I switched bc methods and I still had the acne so I went on Accutane to treat it. I’m still on it and I have to eat something with 20g of fat each time I take the medicine every damn day for the 7 months I’m on it in...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    Hi! I'm trying to figure this out for more than a year, I've seen all kind of doctors but none of them knew what's going on with me. I've gained more than 25kg, working out with heavy weights at the gym, following a healthy diet, but since I got my weight restored my stomach got these bumps...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    I know that's a weird question, but like I have a habit of biting myself, especially on the parts where u can't feel it (fingers, near the nails) and I sometimes end up biting the skin off and eating it So, does anyone know how many calories skin have?
  4. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    I’m currently on accutane for my very severe acne that I’ve had for over a decade, so obviously I have lots of scarring. I have a mix of box, ice pick, and rolling scars. I’m looking at procedures to get done after the accutane waiting period and so far I’ve heard good results with subcision and...
  5. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    I epilate my legs and get a lot of ingrown hairs. I've been trying using a cactus-thistle brush in the shower to exfoliate but I'm not noticing any difference. What techniques do y'all use to exfoliate and stop this menace? P.S. Is exfoliation a prevention? cure?
  6. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    so i have always been picking my skin whenever i saw a pimple or a black spot. but it was my sister who me made aware of this behavior of mine. now i recognize it as an addiction or an ocd which it is. this started when i was a teenager and it is still persistent in my adulthood (25). now a...
  7. Bulimia Discussions
    i'm not usually a messy purger but these last few times i purged it's getting harder to get the food out, hence messier purging experience - and now the skin around my mouth is horrible, any tips for skin care?
  8. Anorexia Discussions
    Hi everyone! I have relapsed pretty bad into my ED after a few years of being recovered, I have lost 11 pounds in 11 days, and these red spots are appearing on my chest and arms. This happened before when I relapsed a few years ago, but they had only appeared on my chest at that time. I'm...
  9. Anorexia Discussions
    does anyone else here have weirdly discolored/mottled purpley looking knees lol and is it shitty circulation i don't think this is new for me but i do think the restriction has made it more noticeable so i was curious
  10. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    basically the title! i need skin care recommendations!
  11. Starting at a higher BMI
    ive heard losing over 100 lbs is where you start getting loose skin. my ugw is just a little over 100lbs from my starting weight so im worried that this is gonna happen to me. ofc i would prefer to have the skin over the fat any day but obviously i dont want it at all. anyone have any tips to...
  12. Starting at a higher BMI
    Is anybody else here kind of concerned about having a lot of excess skin when they reach their UGW? Does anybody have any tips to avoid this or knowledge on the subject? I already feel like my boobs are more saggy from losing 31 lbs in just under 5 months. Being skinny with lose skin is better...
  13. Fasting and Cleansing
    i wanted to make a thread where people could discuss if fasting has helped with their loose skin or not - for me it has! also, a couple of other methods i used to prevent it / treat it. the one thing i've found that works for loose skin is fasting. i'm serious. you've seen pictures of people in...
  14. Starting at a higher BMI
    Hey guys! I'm just wondering if anyone lost weight to achieve being underweight after having a higher normal/overweight BMI, but also after having been underweight before. Specifically, I want to know whether you've noticed any changes in how your stomach skin or belly button look at the lower...
  15. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    I’m looking for products that will really improve my skin.. my main issues are large pores, uneven skin tone, and dark circles. anyone have product suggestions?
1-15 of 350 Results