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  1. The Happy Place
    Happy Halloween. The holiday is obviously a bit different for people this year, thanks to the virus, but as I am far beyond the age of trick-or-treating, I always try to find slightly less traditional ways to enjoy the holiday. This means crappy horror movies on Netflix, usually. I'm allowing...
  2. Games
    As the topic title says, I got in a little trouble in the Facebook "Sims" group I'm in, so I came here, instead, feeling the people here might understand. :P I just recently started using mods in TS4 maybe about a month ago. I found traits related to mental illness - anorexia, bulimia (though...
  3. Media and Art
    So I rediscovered my addiction with the sims (4) and I'm currently looking for some cool, realistic, crazy mods and some exciting gameplay ideas! If you have any, please let me know in this forum :D
  4. Media and Art
    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone else is as obsessed with TS4 as I am? I've been playing since the original game! If you play, and especially if you upload content, share your name! I'm EthanSimsalot ^_^ (In this last photo, the guy in the blue and white shirt looks just like me! But...
  5. Media and Art
    Let's get a sims thread going! Just started the Princess challenge ( ) I'm currently at day 3 of week 1. These are the screencaps I've taken so far Playing as the red candidate :lol:
  6. Media and Art
    I was gonna throw this in The Watercooler but I think videogames fit here. Anyway, anyone play Sims 4? Do any challenges? How do you feel about the lack of toddlers? It runs so beautifully on my computer compared to how Sims 3 did. Whenever I start a new household I usually write a story along...
  7. Art
    So... My sims were SUPPOSED to have a spring wedding. The weather report said the high would be 80 and the low would be in the 40s. It was 20-40 degrees all day. So it was gross and snowy. BUT. Look at them they're my precious children. So there you have it. The whole album is here, but...
  8. The Happy Place
    I know this isn't really ED related but... Do you guys play The Sims a lot? Maybe as a distraction or just because it's tHE BEST GAME EVER!!
1-8 of 20 Results