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    Books and Poems
    going to leave some of my poems on this thread. i’ll post one per day? lmk what you guys think!
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    I said this like two days ago but I wanted to vent again. I've just gotten back into kpop and I remember that when I used to be into it the physical look of idols didn't really make me upset or anything, I just looked up to them but now the group I'm stanning triggers me so so so bad. Like it's...
  3. BED Discussions Grown up in an obese family obsessioned with food, ""Recovered"" from orthorexia with anorexic tendencies after seeing my parents very angry when I got hospitalised and immediatelly fell into binge ed Lost 14 kg, gained 15 and I keep gaining as I eat more than 2500...
1-3 of 440 Results