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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    It's been a couple years since I could eat things like lettuce and cabbage normally, without any stomach pain. Everytime I eat lettuce or cabbage my stomach hurts extremely bad. Like it starts as a mild stomach ache, nothing too crazy. I can handle it. Then it gradually gets worse. I get a...
  2. Diet Results
    You can’t cheat the game. Yes I was eating g mostly meat but it wasn’t butter and bacon I can assure you that. Lean cuts of steak, chicken lots of seafood egg whites fat free Greek yogurt etc. counted calories but proteins thermic effect is 25-40% by some estimates combined with high satiety I...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    I don’t know if anyone out there likes green sauce (like for Mexican food) buuttt the mild green taco sauce is only 5 calories a tablespoon and I used two on my two cup just lettuce salad (2cups is 15cals) and it’s bomb! Makes up 25cal total meal!!
  4. Food
    I love salads so I'm always interested in hearing tips on how to make better ones :] Some of mine have been really good but sometimes they are so boring and bland.. or the vegetables get soggy </3 Some of the good ones: Rainbow Crunch - grated carrot, grated radish, chopped iceberg lettuce...
  5. Food
    I’m looking for more salad dressings that are very low cal, I currently use: Skinnygirl Poppyseed 10/cal for 2tbs Skinnygirl Honey Dijon 10/cal for 2tbs Salsa about 10/cal for tbs any other suggestions?
  6. Bulimia Discussions
    okay this really random thing has started happening within the last month or so (i’ve been bp’ing for nearly 10 years). every single time i bp certain foods (ramen, salads, soups, ice cream, there’s a few more but i can’t remember off the top of my head) once i’m done purging i get really weak...
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    It’s a mix of romaine and spinach with shredded carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, chick peas, a very few chia seeds, croutons, tortilla strips and a half a squeezed lime. Thanks!!
  8. EDNOS Discussions
    Iv been having a diet of Salad x2 a day, Liquids,Diet coke,water,coffee,Sometimes a cheese&ham&butter wrap. and I don't think that Iv lost much weight? I only weigh myself when I think Iv lost some weight. Yes I have lost some on my neck and arms but the weighing scales tells me Iv gained...
  9. Orthorexia
    I feel like I still don't eat enough veggies, so I'm trying to incorporate more salads into my diet. What salads do you guys like eating?
  10. Anorexia Discussions
    Exactly what the title says. I am in need of some new salad recipes that actually taste good! Thank you : ) x
  11. Member Diets
    ****Rainbow Salad **** Romaine lettuce 8.78oz(roughly about a head of romaine) 44 calories -halve this if you're not that hungry and/or don't want that much lettuce haha Cherry tomatoes 100g 18 calories Mini Bell peppers 4 peppers 21-30 calories Cucumber 1 mini 10 calories Scallions 1-2...
  12. Low Carb Diets
    I love keto because I can still have an amazing salad! What are your favorite toppings?
  13. Anorexia Discussions
    I need to make a salad for dinner tonight to have with my family - what's your go to salad recipes?? need some good low calorie ideas!! thank you <3
  14. Anorexia Discussions
    I need to make a salad for dinner tonight to have with my family - what's your go to salad recipes?? need some good low calorie ideas!! thank you <3
  15. Anorexia Discussions
    I got this salad at Trader Joe’s today and it had chicken as well as corn and beans and other ingredients that could add up in calories quickly. I’m skeptical because the salad was so good and satisfying—There was no way that the salad was only 250 cals. Do you trust the calorie count on...
1-15 of 187 Results