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  1. Bulimia Discussions
    Well. I've binged on my usual binge foods that are easy to purged but all i managed to do was to dry heave. Didn't get anything out. Tried to flush, tried salt water, tried everything for 4 hours. I'm tired and im so swollen at my stomach area that i cant stand straight. I feel so so so bad...
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    Bulimia Discussions
  3. Mia

    Bulimia Discussions
    force fed a tortilla and I can’t get it up :’(
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    i just feel so fucking depressed. And I'm sorry to always come on here to whine but i just feel so sad. So sad to be alive still and so sad that it's my birthday. It's yet another depressing one that feels pointless and makes me feel like i don't matter. Getting older, especially when you're...
  5. Media and Art
    It’s been about a year since I’ve started counting calories. I’m hurting everybody, and it’s clear none of them like me. My sister asked me how I could ever want gender-affirming healthcare if I don’t even care about myself. I have to admit, she stumped me there. I don’t want the resulting...
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    It's been really difficult around this time of the year since relapsing. I relapsed a few months ago after being in recovery for 3 years, I was seeing a guy and the situation turned sour. It's been the only way I can feel like I have a sense of control again. I've been restricting so much...
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    At my lowest weight, my bmi was 14.7 Sure, I had been underweight my intire life, but I could've literally dropped dead at any moment and yet no one seemed to see a difference I was barely 14 and no one fucking cared I was going to die. But I'll go lower this time. I'll get to my goal weight...
1-7 of 500 Results