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  1. Music and Lyrics
    Heyo, I need new songs, anything along the lines of ♡Nirvana ♡Linkin Park ♡Greenday ♡MSI ♡MCR ♡Deftones Heres my rock playlist!
  2. The Happy Place
    Just a thread where I dump pics of my man (i wish), Yasu.
  3. Music and Lyrics
    Hey guys, I absolutely love 90's music, I even find the music from this era better than the current ones (even though I like plenty of modern songs). By example, I am currently obsessed with Savage Garden's music. Do you also like this era and what are your favorite songs/groups/solo artists...
  4. Music and Lyrics
    Like, songs that not many people know, indie n stuff. I kinda like GIRLI atm So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya sounds kinda shitty butttt that what i'm into sooo Omggg Drink I'm Sippin on is succcch a sound i love it so hard. It makes me feel magical. Cyber Stockholm Syndrome...
  5. Music and Lyrics
    Hey! I've got a fairly varied taste in music, but atm I love "emotional" songs about .. dark stuff. PVRIS, sleeping with sirens, memphis may fire, hotel books are some of my favorite bands (among many others) So I'd love to get to know about more bands/artists (or just songs) with music...
  6. Music and Lyrics
    Hi! I'm new here.. I really like music, and I'm down to talk about it! Here is a list of bands/artists I've been listening to lately.. Highly Suspect Nirvana Marilyn Manson Alien Sex Fiend Behemoth Nine Inch Nails The Gits Siouxsie and the Banshees The Cure Lana Del Rey Melanie...
  7. Music and Lyrics
    I've seen some threads where people post any cool songs they hear and shit, And i think pretty highly of my taste in music so i figure, "I should make one of those". Consider this my christmas gift to you MPA. I also have a discord where me and some mates just sit around and listen to music...
  8. Music and Lyrics
    Lately I've discovered that the song, "Monster" by Skillet is exactly my feelings concerning my binging, and I'm wondering if anyone else has songs they listen to or would recommend when they maybe feel angry or frustrated about wanting to eat. I'm very open-minded about music genres but...
  9. Community Introductions
    Hello world, I'm new to this site and I must say… I feel pretty awkward writing this. But, I've been on the search for others to share my struggle with, as I have never opened up to anyone before. Im 16 years old and I have been fighting an eating disorder for around 3 years or so. Yes, it...
1-9 of 49 Results