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  1. Bulimia Discussions
    I once struggled with bulimia but it is in my past now. Just wanted to let you guys know that the more teeth you lose, the less your jaw has to work and so the more bone you will lose. This will eventually result in a caved in mouth, like you see on some homeless people and many old people. It's...
  2. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    I think I am starting to gain weight because I stress too much. I've been told my cortisol levels are way too high. And it's true, I am constantly nervous or stressed about one thing or another without rest. And my mood and sleep may start to be affected as well. Do any of you have some tips...
  3. The Happy Place
    Hey everyone, I decided to make a thread and add some pics I use to relax myself when I feel anxious and/or depressed. They make me feel better and make me want to live so I can visit these places and see them up close. --- Something like the thinspo threads, but this is feelgoodspo, or...
  4. The Happy Place
    So, at night when I cant' sleep I explore the instagram explore tag. If you do too, then you know that there's stuff like the #oddlysatisfying videos and things. I really like watching those and soon enough videos of people playing with homemade slime started showing up. I was like woah that...
  5. The Happy Place
  6. The Happy Place
    This will just be a thread of random things, objects, or experiences that make me happy. It may be a written description, a photo, or a video. Feel free to add if you feel like it!
  7. Art
    So I've always been a fan of zentangle like designs and intricate mandala coloring books. I'm working on a fish right now and when I finish it I'll post it! Anyone else find that it's extremely relaxing? I find that I kinda escape from everything else when I'm just doodling away.
  8. Community Introductions
    I'm Naomi and honestly don't know what to say or how to introduce myself. guess you can say I'm tired? or rather tired of letting food control my life? I tell myself I'm too fat to have an ed. It's become a sort of lullaby I sing to myself to be at ease- yet I can't explain how I can barely...
  9. Food
    I'm looking for some new, awesome teas but at the same time I'm aware that sooo many people on MPA are huge tea fanatics like myself, and I'm curious to see what all you lovely people enjoy! My favorite tea is tazo's passion and chai :3
  10. Bulimia Discussions
    Does anyone else purge to relieve stress? Like sometimes I don't even binge but feel so stressed and/or anxious that I go throw up and suddenly I feel better. I also find I can sleep better if I've purged recently.
  11. Fasting and Cleansing
    Hi everyone, just wanted to ask if anyone's tried taking a detox bath and what your experience was? The other night, I soaked in a nice, hour-long bath with 2 cups of Epson salts, 2 cups baking soda, and 1 1/2 tablespoons ground ginger. And it was actually incredible! Apparently, it's an...
1-11 of 24 Results