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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    This meal is delicious, easy, high volume, healthy, and filling! Absolutely obsessed with it and felt pretty satisfied after eating it. Calories: 175kcal (rounded up) Preparation: ~2 minutes Cook: ~6 minutes (I really just kept an eye on it until it looked good) Ingredients -- A lot of this...
  2. Recipes, The Growing EDS Cook Book
    I’ve been trying out some low cal recipes recently and wanted to add my thoughts on them here. The complete recipes and nutritional facts will be present along with my rating. I’ll keep adding as I try new recipes! Feel free to request recipes for me to test out. I’ll try to add pictures too.
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    ( More like struggle snacks tbh. ) I have many weird lowcal snacks / recipes saved in my phone and decided to share some, since I'd like to see some of you guys' struggle snacks lol :3 Lettuce w salt water - don't judge me, I eat this when I'm watching tv shows / youtube and have the urge to eat...
  4. Food
    I wanna experiment with spaghetti squash… any fave recipes to share?
  5. Recipes, The Growing EDS Cook Book
    150cal pizza 1 keto friendly tortilla (70) 3-4 tbsp of marinara (30-40) 1/4 cup shredded mozzarella (80) cooking instructions put sauce on tortilla then top with cheese, seasonings can be added if preferred, put on a pan with lid and cook on medium low heat until cheese is melted. boom done...
  6. Recipes, The Growing EDS Cook Book
    Oreo "Cheesecake" Dessert 164kcal per Portion 4 Oreos 208kcal 200gr. Quark Light (Light Creamcheese works too, but i prefer Quark) 130kcal (with quark) 0cal Sweetener to taste First seperate Oreo Cream from the cookies Crumble 6 of the cookie halves into your Dish, this will be the "Crust"...
  7. Food
    You'll need: • 100 g low-fat quark / yogurt / blended cottage cheese (mine has 52 kcal and 9 g of protein per 100 g) • 15 g vanilla flavoured Protein powder (mine has 57 kcal and 10 g of protein per 15 g) • big splash of water to adjust consistency and hydrate the protein powder • 80-100 g of...
  8. Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets
    Hey, does anyone have great vegan / vegetarian recipes to share? Feel free to post them below!!
  9. Orthorexia
    Im cooking for my family and i need something that wont look horrible or suspicious to them.
  10. Food
    its a simple food, but im craving it and im wondering if anyones got any special stuff they add to it? i like toasting my bread with chili oil, adding different seasonings to my avocado etc, any recs?
  11. Bulimia Discussions
    ill go first: -gummy vitamins -raw pancake batter -spoonfuls of nutritional yeast -raw garlic -spoonfuls of seasonings (paprika, parsley, etc) -a four year old rice krispy treat -fucking cold medicine +many many more. the list goes on💀
  12. Food
    Just bought kelp noodles (ive used shiritaki + miracle noodles before) and im excited to use them. i plan on using them in asian types of dishes. i bought a big container of gochujang so i think ill make a gochujang noodle dish or smth. i also got spaghetti squash which i cant wait to cook in...
  13. Recipes, The Growing EDS Cook Book
    Hi everyone! I have a massive sweet tooth, but also low res (< 300 cal per day). Because of this, I scour the internet + become a bit of a mad scientist to find the most delicious baked goods for the lowest calories. I'll be posting all my finds and creations on this thread, so let's get it...
  14. Recipes, The Growing EDS Cook Book
    80-Calorie Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe it's not my recipe, but i found it the other day and i CAN'T STOP MAKING THEM. they're so delicious with hardly any substitute ingredients, you can probably easily make them with whatever you have at home. super guilt-free.
  15. Anorexia Discussions
    I'm looking for some new recipes under 250 cals, i'm sick of eating the same things! Anyone have any go to meals they wouldn't mind sharing? :)
  16. Anorexia Discussions
    I'm desperately lacking inspo for new recipes, so comment your favourite low cal dish that really warms you up during fall and winter. Starting off myself, it's gonna be the classic: soup. Broccoli or asparagus based, sometimes with added frozen vegetables to make it more filling while staying...
  17. Recipes, The Growing EDS Cook Book
    Exactly what the title says. What's your current favorite meal or snack? You might help inspire someone else! Mine has been tortilla pizzas for the past few days. Tortilla Pizza: Spray a tortilla on both sides with cooking spray. Top lightly with sauce, cheese, garlic powder, and Italian...
  18. Recipes, The Growing EDS Cook Book
    blend: 1 cup almond milk [30] 1 cup frozen strawberries [46] 2 tsp matcha powder [10] sweetener to taste note: add strawberries slowly and in intervals
1-18 of 500 Results