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  1. BED Discussions
    So, I live at home in a somewhat small apartment. My family is like home all the time, so whenever I binge, I have to remove the food from their containers before I get home. Most of the time, the containers/food packaging makes a lot of noise, noise that my family can hear. That can get real...
  2. Exercise
    i need the quietest exercises you can give me. my room is upstairs and the floor is super creaky and loud. my parents might be suspicious if they find out i'm exercising in the middle of the night.... i really need to lose weight more quickly so i hope you can help! <3
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    i really need to do some exercise rn fr i feel horrible. i don’t wanna wake my family and get questions etc i have creaky floors and my rooms upstairs. i have stairs but its a lil to noisy to be running updown up down. i would normally go out and walk for miles but i am too scared to go out at...
  4. Bulimia Discussions
    my parents heard me purging last night for the first time and i managed to tell them that i was just feeling sick and headed back to bed. i prefer to stand when purging, just bending over at the hips but i’m wondering if anyone has any tips for how to make it quieter??
  5. Exercise
    Does anyone have any silent exercises which I could do? I live with my parents so it’s hard to workout without them hearing.
  6. Exercise
    Does anyone know any quiet exercises? I dont like people knowing that Im trying to lose weight and my room is on the top floor of my house, which mean things like jumping jacks wont work out for me and I cant do it outside cause theres kids in my house and theyre always outside.
  7. Exercise
    My new exercise routine addition: Every time I go to the bathroom, which is a lot because I try to have a high water intake, I do fifty crunches. It's quick, private, quiet, no one questions it, and I pee so often by the end of the day my abs are killing me. Any other suggestions for daily life...
  8. Exercise
    i gotta exercise, but my mom won't let me join a gym and i hate running more than anything in the world, plus its freezing here. so i need an at home daily workout, but i have one problem: noise. i live in an apartment building so i can't be noisy, plus i'm embarrassed to be loud if my mom's...
  9. Bulimia Discussions
    I know, I know. Those 'has this happened to anybody else?' threads are really annoying. But I wanted to know. I developed bulimia about 3 years ago, and over that time I've noticed that my noise level while purging has changed. When I started, of course, I was pretty loud. I retched and...
  10. Anorexia Discussions
    Hi Guys so i was just wondering do you know any workouts i can do late at night or early in the morning in my bedroom? Like i want to exercise but they keep catching me so i need a quiet routine:)
  11. Exercise
    I'm at my dads and he forces me to eat insane amounts. How do I exercise quietly ? All I can really do it sit-ups and squats...
  12. Bulimia Discussions
    How can I be quiet whilst purging so that nobody hears? Because if someone heard my throwing up I could be in deep shit, so I'm curious on how to avoid getting caught
  13. Exercise
    Hello fellow humans, Just needing some advice, I'm incredibly poor and can't afford to purchase any gym equipment or get myself to a gym. I live in halls at my uni and therefor share a flat with like 7 other people and sound travels easily here. What's the best, quiet but effective exercise to...
  14. Anorexia Discussions
    So I am 25 (two weeks 26) and I am very family oriented. Which means meals with family few times a week. My issue is I am a big restricter and I get huge anxiety when eating meals with family. This has been an issue since I was a young teen when my anorexia began. As I got older it is easy to...
  15. Exercise
    Hi! I want to broaden my morning/nightly exercise options, but I'm paranoid that the family I'm staying with might hear me maniacally doing burpees in my room every night! At the moment I do mostly exercises where you hold positions or strength-type exercises that do not have you moving so...
  16. Exercise
    I used to exercise a lot, but eventually got out of the habit. Any suggestions to get back on track?
1-16 of 36 Results