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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    my calorie counting app says at my current weight i need 1,800 - 1,900 calories a day to maintain? and it adds up my calories depending on calories burned during exercise that i count and sometimes it goes up to like 2,500?? surely this can’t be right. i could never eat that many calories but...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    Is there a deficiency that correlates with sudden onset of weakness + heaviness + edema of legs? Is it potassium?
  3. Games
    The Basics 1.) Your name: Kari/ Charlotte 2.) Nicknames: Charlie, Morgenstern 3.) Do you like these nicknames?: yes 4.) Location: HELHEIMR/ NIFLEHEIMR 5.) Age: 22 6.) Birthday: july 9 7.) Zodiac sign: Dragon (🇨🇳); Cancer (🇬🇷); Horse (🇨🇮); Woodpecker (🇺🇸 Native American) ; Aak Turtle...
  4. Bulimia Discussions
    Hi lovelies, When I was purging today I noticed a piece of chicken in my vomit. It was 20 may 23:30. And the last time I ate chicken was around 19 may 18:00 so 24+ hours a. Is that normal, or did I f up my body? If you read this, I hope you’re having a nice day. Stay strong xxx
  5. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Has anyone had one?
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    Do you ever feel like you don’t allow yourself much but the only One time that happens; you have to quit your (short term) desires/dreams or wishes because of another person? For example: I want to visit that place but X person “isn’t interested” and complains , so I have to step back because...
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    If people on the 1200isplenty sub on reddit eat 1200 cals a day, how are they not unhealthily underweight?? I’ve seen several people on here say they restrict to about that much and maintain an uw bmi so how do so many people on that sub remain convinced its totally healthy and normal?
1-7 of 500 Results