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  1. The Happy Place
    froggies !! bunnies!! puppies!! feel free 2 add more in the replies!! also the doggies don't have to nesscarily be puppies!! u can also post pictures of ur cat/dog/bunni! :]]
  2. The Happy Place
    Our new puppy came home a couple days ago! His name is Mackintosh and he likes to climb onto my lap and go to sleep sometimes when I sit on the floor with him aaaaa
  3. The Happy Place
    So I get two look after these two beauts today! They're dashhound cross chihuahua! One belongs to my sister and the other one belongs to my mum
  4. The Happy Place
    My chubby (old) beagle - the sight of him makes my worries flutter away. Pure bliss~
  5. The Happy Place
    One of my dogs passed away yesterday. It's super sad but I cope really well with death, and I realize that this is just a gateway to new wonderful animals. We're looking at rhodesian ridgebacks, irish setters, shiba inus, all sorts of dogs. Also, If I focus on my cirrent goals and getting good...
  6. The Happy Place
    just gonna share my excitement with you guys that i am getting a NEW PUPPY IN LESS THAN TWO MOOOONNNNTHHHSS!!!!!! i can't contain my excitement. do any of you have dogs? what are they like? what breed are they? what are their names :D #puppies2k16
  7. The Happy Place
    These are pictures of fluff ball puppies. Literally that's what they're called and they are like tiny little clouds and they're so cute and make me so happy ^_^ Enjoy!
  8. The Happy Place
    I'm angry/upset/depressed and I thought it would be nice to post some cute animals. Contribute if you'd like! I just wanted to add cute bunnies to the happy place c:
  9. The Happy Place
    Hello Everyone! I need your opinion. Im choosing between two puppies and just cannot decide. I have wanted a great dane FOREVER i love them and was dead set until I came upon these sweetie. Now I just cant decide between the two!
  10. The Happy Place
    I am an insane dog person. I live and breathe dogs. I spend basically every minute with a dog by my side. So I'm creating a dog thread. Here you can post pictures of your dog/s! Tell us about him/her/them! Fun! Cute! dOGS! I have one dog that is my very own + one dog who is my mothers and five...
  11. The Happy Place
    Guys, I'm getting an American Bulldog puppy from a friend since her dog got pregnant and omggggg They were born today!!! IM SO EXCITED ;_______; Behold, the cuteness of new life
1-12 of 22 Results