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  1. Member Diets
    I found this diet on tumblr and decided to give it a try because i'm tired of maintaining :/ I will upgrade daily to hold myself accountable
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    i’m starting this in here because i don’t see a different area that would fit (don’t wanna use fasting accountability). I’m gonna be updating every morning - if i remember lol - after i step on the scale. Feel free to use this as well if you’d like, and don’t mind how much my weight fluctuates...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    Not sure if this will make sense but last few months iv relapsed hard and last I checked was down 14kg, unsure of my current weight as haven’t had a scale for about a month now but I can definitely see i am fairly slimmer and am guessing iv lost another 2 or 3kg. I am obviously pleased to be...
  4. Starting at a higher BMI
    I recently had some trauma and loss, as we lost my kitten to illness and he died in my arms with my mother and I petting him and him looking into my eyes.. And then two of our other kitties got sick about a week and a half later and just started thankfully getting better.. All of these things...
  5. Anorexia Discussions
    Those who started with a BMI of 19 or lower, please drop your SW, CW, BMI and height below :]
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    Those who started with a BMI of 19 or lower, please drop your SW, CW, BMI and height below :]
  7. Starting at a higher BMI
    I started out overweight but due to binging became moderately obese. It was a struggle living with myself knowing I had let myself get out of hand. I was desperate to regain control over myself so I had decided to get "serious." Since then I've lost 51.1lbs / 23kg. My sw was 187lbs / 84kg...
  8. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hey Beautifuls! We're back at this again. My weight has climbed back up to the limit of where I'm comfortable with and the past week has been hell with the b/p sessions. I had lots of success with the HSGD; it helps my relationship with food, more sustainable/ helps with harm reduction and yeah...
  9. Starting at a higher BMI
    Before, Sometime in May 2021: 89.1kg/196.4lb - 33.5BMI - obese After, 5th June 2022: 65.1kg/145lb - 24.8BMI - normal Total weight loss so far: 51.4lb / 23.3kg Around 2020-2021 I put on a lot of weight due to regular binging and lack of exercise brought on by depression and anxiety. I was...
  10. The Happy Place
    i've been having a series of beautiful realizations lately, and in short: MY NATURAL HUNGER SIGNALS ARE FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY COMING BACK I NEVER THOUGHT THEY WOULD BUT THEY DID :""""D i had major binge eating issues a while back and even after i finally managed to stop it's taken 2 FUCKIN...
  11. The Happy Place
    I've lost almost 100 lbs since May 2021 and went from many different sizes starting with jean size of a 16-14 or 38"-36" to now being a size 10-8 and 32"-30". When I first joined this site in 2019, my BMI was 42.8. I am currently 26.9 BMI and holy hell I can't believe it. I can't believe I'm...
1-11 of 500 Results