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  1. Technical Support
    sorry if this is a dumb question. I want to update the "about me" section of my profile - I wrote it when I was 18 and now want to update my age to 21 (wow i've been at this shit for too long). thanks in advance!
  2. Technical Support
    How do I upload a profile picture? thanks
  3. Technical Support
    I am a somewhat new member and I only use mobile at the moment ad would like to know where to go to access my profile to add a profile pic and some info about me. Is there a way to do this, or should I switch to full?
  4. Technical Support
    The moderators' forum doesn't work so maybe I can post it here. It sems that when I create an accoint here in mpa. My profile picture and forum name recognizes my other old forum account. It is just wierd.
  5. Community Introductions
    I guess making an introduction post is encouraged so... here goes My name is Jack, I'm 18 and transgender. I was assigned female at birth, and suffer from dysphoria and dysmorphia due to my male mind and my female body. My username is NAN0B0Y cause that's what I feel like, not quite a real...
  6. Technical Support
    hi there I'm only wondering about the meaning and purpose of 5 Neutral written in a green box on my profile page. and what the heck is kik? how do I get in on that? thanks : )
  7. Community Introductions
    Hey! I'm Em! I created a new profile today because I lost access to the one I created last year, but I kind of wanted a fresh start anyway! My sw/hw is 174llbs, my cw is 138llbs and I really want to get down to 128llbs soon.. I feel like a whale! I'm 5"6 and 18 so would appreciate anyone...
  8. Technical Support
    You all have your current stats showing after each of your posts + gifs or quotes, so how do you gets those to automatically show up under each of your post to forums?? Confused....
  9. Technical Support
    So, it's been bugging me. WHAT IS THE GREEN BOX THAT SAY NEAUTRAL AND HAS A NUMBER ON MY PROFILE? Haha sorry. But really. On other users' profiles it sometimes says excellent or outstanding Oh my gosh and has a higher number? And also, how do you become higher ranked than just a 'member'. Do...
  10. Technical Support
    I got a notification that just says, "New Comment from [username]" How do I find the comment to read it? I clicked the link but it took me to my profile feed with all my statuses, and there was no comment.
1-10 of 36 Results