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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    how did y’all get stick like legs? And what’s your best tip/way to achieve literally bones I’ve been forced into rec recently and I’m losing again (secretly) And my biggest insecurity is my legs. I just want them to be so tiny that they’ll break at any second:/ is my best go to just wait...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    Do you have any comfort rituals that you do while restricting? Listening to a certain playlist or doing other things to distract yourself
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    hey I need some more pro ana sites and social media accounts to follow to boost my ed... any suggestions?
  4. Community Introductions
    Hello to all. Never been here before, never lurked, posted, or even heard of this forum before today, but I’m hoping perhaps here I can solve what is quite probably the greatest battle I’ve ever faced. Currently, as a 5’ 10”, 18 year old man, I weigh 160.4lbs- or over twenty pounds above what...
  5. Anorexia Discussions
    Anyone else here planning to relapse HARD when you turn 18? Whether you’re in forced rec or not. I mean having an ed around your parents and family is not easy especially when they know about it. I myself just can’t wait to move and get back to this shit again
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    Can someone please give me ways to cope being forced gaining weight/forced rec? I’m trying to restrict at all times I can but I’m being watched by my parents so it’s not that easy. Do I simply just have to wait until people get off my back or when the weigh ins stop to lose all this weight...
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Hey :) I’m off to uni in less than 2 weeks… and I am determined to come home at Christmas smaller and thinner than when I leave. Sooooo I want to know how people lose their weight best at uni and what people do to stop their intake increasing! also, feel like bringing a challenge in here: Day...
  8. Anorexia Discussions
    as the title says. Did you ever get to your lw again? How did you do it? How long did it take? How old were you vs now? How did you get out of being forced inte recovery?
  9. Anorexia Discussions
    Hey! Is anyone up for being my ana buddy? Let’s motivate each other and get on the journey together:) xx sofie
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    Anorexia Discussions
  11. Anorexia Discussions
    Diet Coke is my favorite drink ever but whenever I’m low restricting or fasting and i drink it, it gives me chest pain (heartburn?) and it makes me feel terrible!!:( How do i make this not happen so i can fast and drink my Diet Coke in peace :confused:
  12. Anorexia Discussions
    Have you ever managed to get back to your weight you were at before you got forced into recovery? Or perhaps lower? If so, how long did it take and what worked for you?
1-12 of 500 Results