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  1. Mono diet
    I though I'd share my results on a one day strawberry mono Starting weight: 124.8 Ending weight: 121.4 I will be doing it again soon! I've maintained that weight even though I had two meals yesterday. I'm starting a egg mono with a few strawberry days for the next week or so and will keep...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    Is that even possible or even alb every 2 days ? idk I'm around 117-119 and i want to get to 110 by march 26 haha im not even sure if ill be able to do it .. opinions ?
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    I have different GOALS fro different metric systems, IDK why I do care about my body more than the numbers ( and thats why i'm changing GW all the time) but I have a feel obsession with numbers, and they are are different like... ( ok they don't have a BIG difference, but i do reaally like the...
  4. ABC Diet
    Hey everybody, I am starting the ABC Diet on November 1st. five foot three. Age 18. I will be exercising a lot! Cheer practice and zumba. My goal is to lose, at the least, 30 pounds. Day 3-Day 22: drinks only I will update my progress daily, below and also in a comment. :) 01) 410 / 500 -...
  5. Starting at a higher BMI
    Hi there !!! :) :) So whenever I eat under 800 calories a day, and all before 6 pm, I tend to lose a pound a day or more. Which is really great, except I usually get out of work at 10 and snack during work/eat late after with my boyfriend. I want to post here about what I eat and my progress...
  6. Public Blogs
    Why I'm Doing This Why anyone would do this to themselves is a good question. It started when I was 15, I had just finished my GCSEs and I was on study leave with a friend. In short, I met a guy, he was 26, at my riding stables, we got chatting and during that study leave I barely ate because...
  7. Movies and TV Shows
    Has anyone ever watched the TV show 'My 600 lb. Life'? It's really good reverse-thinspo... LoL
1-7 of 20 Results