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  1. Exercise
    Sometimes I miss the simplicity of child's play. Calories are much easier to burn when you're having fun with it.
  2. Exercise
    Hey prinzs! Basically I am in a soccer team in college and I've been practicing for our games three times a week for two weeks. However, I don't see any improvement. I am the slowest in the team despite the fact that I might be the skinniest one (?) and I'm always left behind. I don't have any...
  3. Music and Lyrics
    Put your music on shuffle and post whatever come on! :) I'll start - "S&M" by Rihanna
  4. Games
    Heyo!!!! I am hosting (haha get it) a game down on the good old Xyzzy for a game of sweet sweet anime Cards Against Humanity!!!!! The 2 Animes in there are Black Butler and Ouran High School Host Club, so if you are a fan of either head on down my pretties...
  5. Media and Art
    i am probably going to Gamestop since i'm on break rn and i want to buy new 3ds games. i am debating between tomodachi life and rune factory. or some other thing in the harvest moon franchise? ( i heard story of seasons was also quite good?) or Zero Time Dilemma? unless you guys have better...
1-5 of 13 Results