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  1. EDNOS Discussions
    Today I went out w my friends, we took some photos. I thought I looked nice, relatively skinny or normal at least. But then when I get home and I go over the pictures I just see how big I look and I hate it. Im crying about it right now. I don’t know how I thought I looked nice whatsoever. On...
  2. The Happy Place
    I got a "moon light" for Christmas from my father. I like to use it while exercising at night. It has a certain "vibe" I enjoy. If the pictures attached correctly, you can see its colors. You push a little button to make it either white or orange, and its cordless, so it needs to be charged...
  3. Technical Support
    I noticed that I couldn't upload my photos today and when I went into my settings, it says I have exceeded my uploads? How else do I post pictures and my formatted journal entries I create on word that won't translate when I copy and paste? I am the least tech savvy person ever but am really...
  4. ABC Diet
    CURRENTLY ON HOLD - need to get out of this current binge cycle, will be back soon to restart x Ok friends, I've been on a binge spree the past few days and it's getting out of hand. So it's time to take drastic action. I've done ABC once in the past and gotten good results from it, and have...
  5. New Forum Request
    This isn't really a forum request it's more of a suggestion for adding new features to the site... This is site it the biggest ED support community on the internet and it sucks that we have to go through so many steps to upload a single image here. Is there anyway we could get a working image...
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    So my mum smashed my scales ( even though I'm 20 and should be allowed my own scales) about 3 weeks ago and I can tell I have put on weight and look hideous, the last time I weighed myself about 5 weeks ago and I was 43kg( 6 stone 11ish) and I was wandering what weight and bmi you think I am...
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Hey, can you guys look at my before and after photos? I honestly can't see any progress but my mum commented on my diet this morning and said I "look like I've lost weight in my face". PLEASE be honest I really wanna hear it either way. No weight loss = more motivation for me
  8. The Happy Place
    i will go to the thrift store over the mall any day because i find clothes that are different and spark joy into my soul. i love it, and it makes me so happy. i thought you guys could add photos as well of anything hidden gems you bought at the thrift store or second hand store (even yard sales...
  9. Technical Support
    Hi, I was looking at a user's thinspo thread and each time I clicked a thumbnail to view the image I received a message saying that I didnt have permission. I'm not a new user on here and have a more than enough post count. Why is this happening? I haven't pissed anyone off to be blocked
1-9 of 362 Results