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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    It’s officially been exactly three years since I last had my period. I was fourteen the last time I got it and only had it three times before I lost it but all those times were so painful that I’m honestly glad I don’t get it. I know it’s wrong but it kind of makes me all the more enamored with...
  2. Illness or Injury
    I just got my period again yesterday and it stopped like 17 days ago. That's way shorter than I thought they were supposed to be and it feels like I'm constantly feeling PMS. Last month it was normal and a ~26 day cycle. I technically had 2 periods this month and had a lot of PMS both times...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    i dont really know why this is the way it is like, yes i count cals 24/7, im aware of how many cals i consume, but (at least) 1 day of my period i literally cant feel bad or feel remorse like at all for overeating above my limit or even my tdee ☠ i feel so overemotional and cry 10 times a day...
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    I'm mostly vegan and I have also been restricting heavily lately. For some reason I did get my period about 4 days ago and the whole time I have been exhausted. Twice in the past few days I felt dizzy enough to faint. Right now I just got done walking my dog and doing yoga and I have zero...
  5. Anorexia Discussions
    I'm new here and other than a couple replies, this is my first actual post so please be gentle on me and feel free to give general advice on posting/navigating this forum. Also TW for numbers. This is certainly not a post for those trying to recover. This most recent relapse is the most...
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    The temptation to binge on sweets is so strong on my period, so how do you deal with sugar cravings (especially during that time of the month)? For reference I’m low res under 800cals a day!
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    So I lost my period (it’s been a year since I’ve lost it) I got it a few months ago but then I lost it again. I recently gained up to 10kg to see if that’ll help and still nothing. Now I’m back to restricting but I still want to get my period back. I recently saw a post where a girl got her...
  8. Illness or Injury
    so this might be a completely irrelevant problem but my period has been going on since the 6th of december. it is now the 29th. I'm used to long periods, but normally they are only 14 days at max, not this bad. why it might be completly irrelevant to my anorexia is because I started paches...
  9. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    I went back to restricting, I was 69kg in the middle of last month and now I'm going to 64kg could that be it? but I'm slowly losing weight I never threw up, but it's happening now, I can't hold water in my stomach, and I feel like shitting even though there's nothing left in my intestines i'm...
  10. Starting at a higher BMI
    Having my first period in 2 years and it’s made me gain and I’m just stuck at 204.6lbs and it’s really upsetting me I feel disgusting and I feel horrible from the period
  11. Anorexia Discussions
    I just weighed myself on the 4th day of my period and do we gain a couple pounds during it? I’ve been eating 800-1000 calories each these past few days and I’ve “gained” 3 pounds???
  12. Anorexia Discussions
    hello! i'm new here. i'm currently on my period and it's hell on earth as per usual and i've tried the go-to remedies like ginger tea (which i don't have anymore because i drank the last teabag packet) and just wanted to ask how to help decrease bloating it really sucks, i feel so heavy and...
1-13 of 500 Results