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  1. EDNOS Discussions
    What are some of the stranger things that have triggered your ED behavior recently? I'm currently in the middle of a walk - almost an hour in - and I'm watching movies through my iPod dock, like I almost always do. I've seen the particular movie I'm currently watching ("Perfect Body" - not the...
  2. The Happy Place
    This project started out as me trying to visualize my perfect body through the medium of play-do. Then, partway through, I remembered that I don't have any sort of creative talent. I kept going though because I could not stop laughing at myself and how bad it was. So, anyone who has play-do and...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    You have three wishes. They can be anything at all in any direction. Goals, progress, anything. What would they be? <_<
1-4 of 16 Results