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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    So I found this app. It’s called habitica. It’s this strange rpg style app where you can level up your character and go in quests. But here’s the twist. You level up your character and their abilities by completing tasks you have created. For example you can check off brushing your teeth and get...
  2. Movies and TV Shows
    Sooo, I'm addicted to this show. I'm currently on season 4 episode 3 and it's soooooo good! I'm just hoping no one will ruin anything lol :P But, if you do watch it, comment where you're at! We can chat about it! :D
  3. Books and Poems
    I'm anorexic myself, but I want to make this story as realistic as possible. The protagonist is male and his motivation is control (and maybe a bit of body image), rather different from me (female) and my self-hatred..... It centers around him and his best friend, who gradually becomes worried...
1-3 of 19 Results