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  1. Food
    for some reason i have a kilo of chia seeds in my cupboard.. what can i use them in/for? i’ve made chia pudding before but not a massive fan. i really dont like food waste so im hoping i can somehow incorporate them into my diet?
  2. Community Introductions
    Hi! I dont know what to realy say. I am a little obsessive but I think we are all. Maybe a little crazy too. I just dont seem to think like everyone else. But I suspect that they are just not thinking. And if they were they would think like me. ttyl
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    normally, if someone points out my weight loss I'm like. happy! because I try so hard to stick with my diets but my 2 teachers started picking on me saying I looked boyish and saying boys don't want girls that skinny. One of them even wrapped their hand around my shin to test how skinny i am...
  4. Bulimia Discussions
    Long story short, I planned this romantic dinner/outing with my bf, but little did I know that I'd end up binging on everything. At home I complained of being 'ill' due to the drinks/food & asked if he left the bathroom to let me be 'sick'. Knowing of my distant bulimic history he stubbornly...
  5. BED Discussions
    I always see threads in the BED forum about how people love a certain food so much, they can't have it in the house so.... What food will make you sick to the stomach? Even if u were really hungry, you wouldn't touch? The moldy packet of crackers from 2006? The suspicious half-empty jar of...
  6. Mono diet
    Hello Ladies and Gent's. I'm new here and I already have some important questions on my mind. My BMI is 17, I'm 46,5 Kg heavy and 1,64 cm tall. I really want to loose 3 kg in about one week. Do you think that's possible ? I started the chocolate Mono today and I'm so scared that I'm gonna gain...
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Heres a day in my life: ●wake up ●goes downstairs ●weight myself ●do nothing for an hour or so ●workout ●eat a small lunch ●work on homework ●update blog ●talk to friends on here ●eat dinner ●go to bed
1-8 of 37 Results