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  1. Mono diet
    Hey guys! Today I am doing an Up & Go mono diet. It is a drink in NZ and Australia that is their site, have a look. It is sold in supermarkets and is marketed as a 'breakfast drink' for an on the go lifestyle. I have quite a lot at home, so will mono it today. Up n go...
  2. Community Introductions
    Hi everyone Im a twenty year old girl from NZ... anyone from the general australia region would be great to talk to, but really anyone who gets it would be wonderful. I first struggled with body image from dance as a 14 year old and have relapsed this year. I've lost over 5kgs since christmas...
  3. Community Introductions
    Hey I'm from Sydney, hoping I can find somebody who wants to look after eachother a bit, keep on track, etc. Doesn't have to be in person. The idea is that we can share what we ate/how much we worked out every day, and maybe stop eachother from binging! I'm 44kgs, 5ft1 (151cm I think?) Eat egg...
1-3 of 72 Results