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  1. Community Introductions
    Hey hey, im roobieboo...yes thats the best name I could think of at the time lol. I've been through stages of disordered eating I don't really understand. From low restricting and over-exercising, to the exact opposite and everything in between. Right now I'm at my highest HW EVER...I'm sure I...
  2. Community Introductions
    Hi everyone, I have been on the forum for months now just reading through everyone's post's. You have all been a big help. I am starting at a higher BMI and have dealt with weight issues since i was 8 years old. I turn to food & alcohol to deal with stress, past trauma's, anxiety & depression...
  3. Community Introductions
    Hello everyone I've had an ED since I was 13-19. I was doing well for a while, but I am starting to relapse. I was diagnosed with bipolar II when I was 19 and was hospitalized. Ever since then I have been putting on a lot of weight. These past few years have been rough. I've been prescribed...
  4. Community Introductions
    Hi 😘 I'll make this brief. This is my intro. On the outside I'm smiling, friendly -- even caring and loving to others, but it's all an act. On the inside, I'm cold and dark like a haunted house from a black & white movie. I'm hollow.
  5. Community Introductions
    Ok so I've retyped this SO MANY times (I'm on an iPad with a broken screen so it keeps pressing random things and refreshing the page 🙃🔫) so I'm gonna just type the info real quick no leave it at that. (Trigger Warning.?.?.?.) Female Canadian 5'5" .? 14 turning 15 on nov. 18th HW: 120-125...
  6. Community Introductions
    Hello all! I'm Rina. Well, what to say? I'm currently in highschool and I really love cats. I joined this site to mostly get tips on how to lose weight. I've become fed up with being fat!! Seriously, I'm in highschool, I'm 5'6", and I weigh 260 pounds (roughly). Hopefully I can get tips and...
  7. Hi!

    Community Introductions
    Hi everyone! I am a 20 something girl who has struggled with ED my whole life. Lately I have been feeling horrible bc I have gained a large amount of weight and I feel like my world is in utter turmoil. My whole body hurts from the extra weight. All my joints ache, my feet ache, my skin feels...
  8. Community Introductions
    hi everyone :) So I just joined and I thought I'd tell you all a bit about myself because I would love some support and advice... I've been trying to lose weight for ages but my big problem is binging, and even when I purge (laxatives, throwing up or exercising) it's not enough. I know that I...
1-8 of 9 Results