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    Cut Log August 15, 2014 Location: Upper left arm Number of cuts: 2 Length: Small Comments: It didn't hurt. My first time cutting myself today. I am feeling so excited. Tool: Pencil sharpener blade
  2. Community Introductions
    I've always been told that if you can dream it, you can do it. Hi. My name is Kayla. I'm going into 10th grade and 14 years old, 15 in 2 days on June 29th. I live with my cousin(17), aunt, uncle, and brother(13). My favorite colors are coral, pearl, and breakfast at Tiffany's blue. I want to be...
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    January 14th 2014 I'm not sure that anyone will ever read this, and I am one hundred percent okay with that. Sometimes I just need to get it all out of my system. Ha. That's kind of funny once I actually think about it. I'm constantly trying to get everything out of my system. Thoughts, food...
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    I am so ashamed... This is my first entry on this blog but I think this might be the most important. I have just been out with my other half and it is a long story but some people that he works with saw us together. For a normal person this would be ok, but I am so embarrassed both for me and...
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    Goodie Bag Fridays so every Friday since I'm in the marching band we do goodie bags. and I got my friend Kat a bunch of cute stuff, but I dread it because I get allot of food. my friends know about my disorder so they make sure I eat all of the candy chips and snacks... :c I feel like a cow by...
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    Hi, I'm New .__. I broke my fast today, and I feel like shit. I hate myself so much. I don't know why I keep doing it. I just got out of the hospital for a 'peptic ulcer' or, whatever you call it. I binged on chips today, and those were like 500 calories. I can't weigh myself because my scale...
1-6 of 23 Results