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  1. Movies and TV Shows
    Do you think they over reported what Natalie Portman weighed during filming to make it seem "healthier" than it was? Do you think they enhanced her thinness with CGI? She's 5'3" and was reported to be around 98 lbs during filming. I am slightly taller, close to this weight but don't think I...
  2. Movies and TV Shows
    Anyone want to discuss Butter? A movie about a high school student with BED. He's unpopular and has to deal with being very overweight, there's a sad but funny doctors office scene. I saw it a while ago and I didn't see any threads on it. It's kinda a cliche teen drama movie that I felt a...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    i like Skins, super size vs superskinny, to the bone and red band society. any suggestions?
  4. Movies and TV Shows
    Like, are you fucking kidding me? They're so gorgeous!! The outfits, the makeup, the dances >>> Brooke (on the way right, Bridget Moynahan is the actress, has a kid with Tom Brady) is the OG Jade from Victorious. Straight badass and so hot.
  5. Music and Lyrics
    What’s your fav thinspo movie or series? Need some new inspiration:))
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    has anyone ever observed characters in media that they were really envious of their skeletal bodies? one of the characters that inspired one of my relapses was the Joker or more specifically Arthur; another recent inspiration is Viktor from Arcane; and also Winston from 1984; when i...
  7. Media and Art
    I wonder if there was ever a book, movie or anything like this that managed to portray eating disorders the right way? I think they always romantacise the ed (ofc it's anorexia almost every time) and make it seem so glamorous and dainty, leaving out all the nasty stuff. I saw a somewhat good...
  8. Anorexia Discussions
    my private idaho (blockers) requiem for a bream (stimulants) i really like the dreamy vibe of the two films any suggestions guys?
  9. Media and Art
    The title speaks for itself. I love this movie. I am a recovering alcoholic with eating disorder and bipolar so i can relate so so much as i live with my parents, going through hell together.
  10. Movies and TV Shows
    I actually really like horror movies, but, being a Christian, (though not the "traditional" type), there are certain films I avoid. I started watching the 2012 film "The Possession" this afternoon, even though it isn't my typical fare. The movie opens up on an ornate box, and you hear music...
  11. Movies and TV Shows
    I watched the Amazon film "Brittany Runs a Marathon" while having lunch with my father this afternoon. I actually love exercise movies, because they give me inspiration to exercise, myself. I don't consider the movie all that great, but it wasn't bad. I can see myself watching it again when I...
  12. Movies and TV Shows
    last updated January 12th 2023 I have way too much time on my hands and all the older lists only included certain films and I needed more content to watch so I made a list of all ED related content I could find (not including a lot of documentaries and YouTube videos and not including any...
  13. Movies and TV Shows
    I love a lot of ED movies and shows. "Feed" doesn't tend to be a favorite of people, but I relate to it, in a weird way. I'm watching it again tonight, remembering why it's so relatable to me, and why I can't watch it very often because of it. Unlike the movie, I don't have a twin who died...
  14. Media and Art
    Saw the trailer of this movie today, apparently it came out on october 16th, but I can´t find anywhere to watch it. Does anyone know where? Trailer link:
  15. Movies and TV Shows
    As with most ED movies, I've watched "Hunger Point" a few times, and it is the bottom tier of such films for me. The acting is so awful, it sincerely causes me pain to watch it. I'm dog-sitting today, as I have to do all weekdays, and the movie is on the Lifetime Movie Club on my phone, so I'm...
  16. Movies and TV Shows
    I have a number of documentaries, TV shows, and movies that I cycle through while exercising. I'm walking at the moment, and this afternoon's movie is "Dying to Dance" - stupid title, very triggering film, as most ED-based ballet movies tend to be. My ED mind always picks at me when I watch...
1-16 of 300 Results