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  1. Mono diet
    As the title says, I'll be doing an egg mono for three days! I've done this mono before starting a new scheduled diet. And it has always been easy for me to finish. Today is Thursday, November 4th, 2022. I'll be starting this tomorrow Friday, November 5th, 2022 What I'll be having: I'll be...
  2. Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets
    I'm going to be just eating fruit for 2 days, then i will switch to veggies etc.
  3. Mono diet
    as the title implies, i'm doing an egg mono starting from tomorrow. (now is sunday noon). i've never done an egg mono, but i have done an egg diet consisting of eggs, oatmeal, apples and tea and saw amazing results. idk my SW, will be posting that tomorrow morning, but i just got out of a...
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    Hi guys it's my first time thinking of trying a mono to boost my progress and break my plateau. How many calories should I do (I currently restrict to 300 on weekdays and 800 on weekends). Also, are monos generally successful? I want to do a semi healthy one but I want it to be low cal and...
  5. Member Diets
    Hello friends! Long time no see. Gained a lot of weight in attempted recovery. I feel gross and look worse. Doing an oatmeal mono to cut some pounds without everyone being weird abt it. SW: 146 (fucking embarrassing)
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    Can someone please tell me if I'm missing something. I know monos might help manage cravings and stuff but calorie restriction/ deficit is the main thing so what's the point? Plus isn't it hard on your body to eat too much of one type of food, it's difficult to process?
  7. Mono diet
    or does it need to be only plain milk / dark chocolate for the best results?
  8. Mono diet
    SW:59.55kg I maintained from my rice cakes & rice mono yesterday cuz I forgot the gram limit and ate as much as I wanted Today I started eating at 9:40 I ate 2 packs of ramen so far, will update soon.
  9. Mono diet
    Preface: I'm actually coming off speed (hurrayyy finally) and due to the extreme hunger and tiredness I don't wanna binge and gain weight cuz that's what happens when u come off drugs so the MONO diet shall be my savior Throughout the day I ate 25 flavored rice cakes (cheddar, sour cream onion...
  10. Mono diet
    i’m gonna do an almond mono diet tomorrow. I binged today and purged really much, i am afraid of my weigh in tomorrow but i assume 97lbs.. EMBARRASSING!!!! i wanna reach my lw again which was 79.3lbs )): hopefully i’ll manage to do this as fast as possible. gonna update tomorrow when i’ll start!
  11. Mono diet
    i havent seen any posts on results from a tofu mono. soooo, im going to attempt it myself, for like… 10 days (hopefully!) i’ll also add in eggs. they’re both pretty high in protein/fat and tastes yummy : D i’ll try to remember to update as i go. cw: 121.4 (i hate myself💀💀💀) gw: 110 ugw...
  12. Member Diets
    i found these 41-42 calorie preportioned packs of flavoured rice crackers and they are SO good. there’s 8 packs, meaning it’ll be approx 328-336 calories for the whole thing. bc i’m getting out of a binge/purge cycle, i’ve basically accepted that i will never be full unless i’m eating like...
  13. Mono diet
    So I am absolutely obsessed with these biscuits that you can get in the international section of my local supermarket. They're called 'little hearts biscuits' and they're from India. Super duper cheap ($1.25 per bag) and 330cal of buttery, sugary heaven. I couldn't find anybody else who has...
  14. Mono diet
    So i did an apple mono the other day and went from 118.7 to 117.2 and decided to do a yoghurt mono yesterday because i've been craving yoghurt. I am mildly lactose intolerant so was going to do alpro fruit flavoured yoghurt but I was tempted by skyr and arla in the shops so decided fuck it...
  15. Mono diet
    I'm so fricking happppppyyyyyyyyyyyy :D :D :D Loving the apples ✓ Loving the diet ✓ Loving the results ✓
  16. Mono diet
    Apples get my whole digestive system moving like a car going 200mph in a highway! I'm defo doing an apple mono again lol I haven't been able to use the toilet much normally, but because of this apple mono, I've already gone to the toilet 3 times this morning. I'm currently at my lowest weight...
  17. Mono diet
    Been stuck in a nasty binge/restrict cycle for months now and my weight has completely plateaued, so following last night's binge I decided to try an apple mono today as opposed to fasting the whole day like I usually do. I decided to get red and green apples to add some variation and so I can...
1-19 of 500 Results