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  1. Food
    Hi guys! I've been seeing several people post about miso soup, or talk about it in their diet. I feel like it's pretty safe, usually it's around 60-70 cals per cup as long as you don't add too much extra stuff. Does anyone out there make their own or do you just buy it? Is it a pretty safe...
  2. Food
    Friends! I was at Daiso yesterday and found these instant miso soup mixes. They come 5 servings for $1.50. Check out the calorie count! Anyone else have these? I don't otherwise have much sodium and I know it's important in maintaining blood pressure so I think this could be a good way to fit...
  3. Member Diets
    So I kinda wanted to make up a diet that reflected that of MK Olsen, who we all know has a past with ana, and is skinny even now that she's recovered. So I did some research and didn't find a whole lot, but did find a few things that are in her diet. And it isn't extremely low calorie, but I...
  4. Food
    Okay, so any one who needs low calorie food, this is for you c: Clearspring Instant Miso Soups~ Basically, you pour it in a bowl and add water. It tastes really nice if not slightly plain and has ridiculously low calorie amounts. You can get different flavours - my favourite is Clearspring...
1-4 of 4 Results