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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    I hadn’t had MiO in a year or two, and last night, I was going to make some 0-calorie popcicles so dig through our stash of water-flavoring. I ended up using strawberry Kool-aid to make the popsicles, but I used the MiO to make myself a drink. It didn’t make me sick last night, but it has been...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    Do you trust that 0cal items are actually 0 cal? Such as mio water drops or propel water? It says 0 cal per serving but do any of you have irrational fears that theyre actually high cal and making your water fatten you?
  3. Food
    I just made jello that is 3 cals a serving! I used unflavored gelatin and cherry BlackBerry mio. You could use any flavor you want. INGREDIENTS: unflavored gelatin(20) Mio or any other 0 or low cal drink(0) STEPS: 1.Make mio with cold water(I make more than I need, so I know I have enough...
  4. ABC Diet
    Does anyone use mio in their water? If so, pros and cons?
  5. Food
    DIY MIO / drink enhancer refill for way cheap. Those things are like $3.50 each, but the refill is something like $1. I did it today and am going to save a ton of cash from now on. Sorry, I know this isn't technically a recipe, but it has to do...
  6. Member Diets
    Can you have MIO or Crystal light ( zero cal zero carbs ) when doing a Mono diet. I plan on doing a Coconut oil mono tommorow. ( gagging already ) and want to know before hand if I can add anything into the water.
1-6 of 8 Results