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  1. EDNOS Discussions
    i’m starting this diet tomorrow, i’ve been on and off restricting for the last year or so. i thought i was recovered for awhile but relapsed many times and now i have one month to lose 30 pounds. i’m 5’3ish maybe a little shorter and weight 142 (disgusting i know) i want to be 90-100 but for now...
  2. Diet Results
    Did it work for you? Did you ate everything or left something behind/switched something? Did you gain back?
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    Hello there! So this is my first post which i did wait till restrictions were off cause i wanted to post comments on threads instead......i am pretty new and thin but want to burn more off...and have a few problems that i want to fix and was hoping i could have some help...... 1. Workout...
  4. Diet Results
    3 - Military Diet MY STATS: SW: 163.4 < day 1 CW: 159.6! < the morning after. (day 4) Hey guys, this morning I was really happy to finally leave the 160's! I've been consistently restricting under 900 calories with moderate-to-light exercise. So far, my net intake has been under 600...
  5. Commercial Diets
    Hey guys!! I'm still fairly new to this site and this is my first real topic post so I'm not certain if this should go here or in challenges or accountability, so let me know if I should switch it! I'm trying the military diet because I have an event for my sorority on Friday for which I am...
  6. Community Introductions
    Hi all I'm 18 and about 6 years with ed. Deciding to let it all slip back into place. CW: 11st (I know disgusting but I've been bed and bulimic for a while so stuff happens) CGW: 10.5st by October 14th (bf birthday party) UGW: 7st I'm starting military diet today and will loop it for next...
  7. Member Diets
    Hello hello, Tomorrow I'll be starting my slightly altered version of the military diet. If you don't know or you don't remember, this is the original instructions: day 1 breakfast: ½ grapefruit, 1 slice of toast, 1 tbsp peanutbutter, coffee or tea lunch: ½ cup cottage cheese, 1 slice toast...
  8. Anorexia Discussions
    Has anyone here tried the military diet? I've heard of some people succeeding in losing weight when following the diet but I'm not too sure
  9. Member Diets
    so i decided to start this diet and update u bc i need some motivation an i HAVE TO lose weight asap bc i woke up today and weighted myself and the number made me cry.... i need to start losing weight i need to get my selfcontrol back bc if not i'm gonna kms someday ( so i'll mix "fix it fast"...
  10. Anorexia Discussions
    It's supposed to be a three-day quick fix. I'm considering starting it but I'm not sure if it actually works. Does anyone have any experience with it? If you're curious, here's the link to the diet:
  11. Commercial Diets
    So I've been off this site for about a month now, my computer broke, and in that time I tried the 3 Day Military Diet. I actually GAINED WEIGHT. My BMI is 31.1 and my weight is almost 190 lbs. In completely ashamed, even though I followed the military diet exactly (using their approved...
  12. Diet Results
    This week I did the Military Diet, a diet of three days. I followed the meal plan exactly, except I didn't eat all the cottage cheese on day two (you had to eat so much it was disgusting) and I ate 2 scoops of ice cream instead of one cup, and one scoop instead of half a cup. Over all, I lost...
  13. Member Diets
    Hi I am 5'9" and 120 lbs. I just completed the military diet to drop 5lbs to get here. However, I want to continue to lose weight and hopefully get to 105 lbs. Yet, I am having a lot of problems and always gain the weight back. Do any of you lovely people have any advice for continued weight...
  14. Anorexia Discussions
    I don't know... to me it seems like a lot more food than I usually allow. Unsafe foods (bread, peanut butter, and ice cream). I'm in the middle of a semi-fast right now (mostly broth, lettuce, an apple, and almond milk) and want to eat again for energy while still losing because my workouts are...
  15. Member Diets
    Has anyone tried the military diet? I'm curious about everyone else's results. xx
1-15 of 39 Results